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    Strategies used by popular brands to make email more personalised

    With more and more brands ushering towards unique email marketing strategies, building a strong customer base is more important than ever before. The urge can only be satisfied with more personalised email marketing efforts towards the customers.
    The internet has turned people into savvy shoppers who are referring to this medium for every acute requirement. With the same, the power has shifted from the business to the consumers.

    So how can businesses combat that?

    The most efficient way to combat the situation is to serve the customers with personalised services whenever composing emails, newsletters, templates, etc. We humans have a tendency to acknowledge things that have been served personally. The same goes for marketing services especially when email merchants need to drive in customers' attention.

    In this post, we'll look on the strategies that are used by popular brands that make emails more personalised for the clients. Here are some suggestions to follow:

    1. Add recipients' name

    Nothing can seem more personalised for subscribers other than their own name. Greetings such as "Dear recipient's name" help create a relationship with the subscribers that they are sure to like.

    Strategies used by popular brands to make email more personalised
    ©Peter Bernik via 123RF

    As your email newsletter goes on, try to create a caring approach with sentences such as "hope you are in good health". It is important that emails are built with genuine concern and not with fake attitude. For the same, I recommend the right selection of words to hit clients in the right way. More to it, never forget wishing them good day or to greet for special holidays.

    2. Provide customers the history of their past & recent purchases

    Adding a touch of personalisation into the emails looks good to subscribers if it is done in a meaningful way. For example, providing customers the history of their past and recent purchases will always make them feel that their purchases are being cared for, which they are sure to love.

    More to it, the history of the purchases at the ease of a click will also help the customers know about their purchases made at any point of time. It is going to add a sense of loyalty for the company in the eyes of the subscribers.

    3. Ask for reviews from customers through personalised mails

    Making customers a part of their marketing strategy is the new trend in email marketing. Let me put an example of my own experience with an email marketing campaign. It was an email from an online store to ask for the review of the product I recently purchased.

    The email made me quite happy with a sense that I was a pampered customer whose comments meant a lot. My happiness was jotted down right there in the form of review, which was, of course, my positive opinion for the product and the company as well.

    4. Show related products to the customers

    The world is getting bigger, better, and smarter and so are the subscribers. They cannot be fooled with any of the ways and thus, the only way is to offer genuine services. The same goes true for driving in clients' attention in the sales campaign with related products that are add-on to the subscribers' last purchase.

    For example, if a customer has bought any gadget say a smartphone, laptop or tablet, there is no point in providing them the links of similar products unless there is some new product launch. On the other hand, serving subscribers with the link of related accessories such as earphones, power banks, Bluetooth kit, etc. will attract the clients' attention and they are more likely to purchase the same.

    5. Personalised offers for subscribers in their cart

    Besides making email campaigns more personalised for the subscribers, it is a strategy to decline cart abandonment. It has been seen generally that a lot of customers do not make purchases even after adding the products to their carts, whatever be the reason.

    For decreasing such behaviour, email merchants have the opportunity to add personalised offers for products that have not been purchased even after addition in the cart.

    For promoting such sales, I suggest providing better discounts to subscribers so that they order the product without giving it a second thought.

    6. New product launch in the product category

    The better customers are wooed, the brighter are the chances of sale. Yes, it is the new sales mantra in the email marketing. I have personally encountered the strategy and it was good to know about a product prior to its official launch in the market.

    Products' attributes were showcased in the product feed section that we, as subscribers, are sure to check whenever we browse the new add-ons over the websites. We, as customers, are likely to browse the section to remain updated with the new launches if the brand is one favorite to us. Hence, email marketers should never miss such chances.

    Summing it up

    The strategy of personalising the emails is on a rise so that customers can be attracted towards email campaigns that would further help the merchants to add more revenues in their businesses. Moreover, email marketing is the most effective communication medium till date. Hence, make the most out of it.

    About Prashant Sengar

    Prashant Sengar Founder/Director of Sparx IT Solutions, a globally acknowledged IT consulting company providing the services in the arena of web & mobile app development, Big Data & Business Intelligence Solutions. With the immense support of adroit team Sparx IT Solutions has been serving a huge client base worldwide including Coca Cola, Vodafone, Duracell, HP Invent, BMW, and many more.
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