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Save time. Reduce churn. Increase revenue. Welcome to Learning Curve Marketplace

Learning Curve Adobe's only Platinum reseller in Africa simplifies the ordering process to obtain Adobe licencing with Learning Curve Marketplace
Save time. Reduce churn. Increase revenue. Welcome to Learning Curve Marketplace

In our time sensitive work environment when project deadlines are looming, the last thing companies need is their Adobe licences to lapse. It puts everyone in a panic. Buying principles good management go out of the window.

Generally, a lot of these frustrations come about as companies need to find where the licencing agreement is situated, who is the administrator, where they can buy from, and at what cost. This motivates a purchase order being rushed through bureaucratic channels and could totally disrupt or break a project.

Prompted by this situation, Learning Curve is launching the Learning Curve Marketplace, an easy, seamless way for companies to procure their licences online at the best available price without any fuss. Set to be launched throughout sub-Saharan Africa, companies can stay ahead of their critical Adobe licensing requirements through Learning Curve Marketplace. Any effort saved during renewals will give businesses more time to spend on servicing their customers and keep them fighting for market share.

Today’s businesses are in a continual battle to secure contracts and grow market share, which means they need fully functioning Adobe Apps and tools to ensure continuity of performance. It’s no surprise in this digital world that so many of Adobe’s applications are mission-critical for organisations, especially in the age of cloud computing and remote working.

Now with Learning Curve Marketplace, they’ll never have to miss a day’s productivity, meaning they can retain their competitive edge. With built in auto-renew, customers will get a notification that renewal time is imminent. All the license details are already stored in the Marketplace, so there is virtually no admin.

Tim Smith, Learning Curve business development director says, “We have eradicated tedious admin tasks associated with VIP agreements, and have invested in a system that will allow our clients to shop with ease. From registration through to invoice, Learning Curve will assist with all aspects of the buying cycle. We will offer comprehensive training allowing companies to focus on what they do best.”

With Learning Curve Marketplace, the buying cycle is now so much easier. From automated purchasing, order provisioning, and smooth billing, Marketplace will allow companies to scale their business with confidence. There is no longer a need to manually create or set up new VIP agreements. New agreements are automatically established at the time of first purchase and all customer information is securely retained in Marketplace.

Daniel Myles Smith, Learning Curve’s COO, says “Businesses are always looking to find efficient ways of buying and selling, and this is just the next evolution of that”. It’s an evolution bordering on revolution, because teams can now rest easy that automated notifications prior to renewal will allow them to concentrate on the business of servicing existing customers and winning over new ones.

Learning Curve Marketplace goes one step further in allowing new licenses that have been added mid-term of the agreement to be seamlessly pro-rated daily to the next anniversary date. This means that companies only pay for actual usage compared to the previous monthly pro-rated model.

Daniel says, “Daily pro rata billing is a game changer and one that is exclusive to Learning Curve Marketplace. This is just the first step and development in Adobe’s new go to market strategy. With a road map that suggests that users will gain access to the newest apps and technologies and newer more flexible ways of purchasing Adobe’s product offerings once linked to VIP Marketplace.”

Gone are the days of complicated Adobe pricing tiers, levels, and sectors. Marketplace allows for flawless licensing execution and error-free billing from the start. Businesses will now be able to save time as there is no need to navigate multiple systems and no need to set up multiple contracts each year.

Even existing perpetual licenced customers will get the benefit of being able to upgrade to the latest software with no trouble. With Learning Curve Marketplace, they will always get the latest features and security updates.

What’s more, Marketplace has made it easier for Platinum partner Learning Curve to invest in helping other resellers that don’t currently offer Adobe but offer other software like Microsoft to avoid the usual detailed list of prerequisites. Resellers will no longer need to register with Adobe, complete specialised training, or demonstrate certain revenue figures to take Adobe to market. Once onboarded onto the Learning Curve Marketplace, resellers can begin ordering and selling immediately.

Learning Curve is confident this new, cutting-edge technology will vastly improve both the end customer and reseller experience and make doing business as easy as possible.

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