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Empower your company - just add a learner

In a special offer, not to be repeated this festive season, the AAA School of Advertising has 18 Johannesburg-based and 11 Cape Town-based, fully qualified and trained learnership students - available at a huge 'discount' as companies qualify for huge benefits when employing learners.

In an industry facing the transformation 'big stick' if it doesn't transform, the most often heard cry is: "but we want to transform, we just don't know where to find 'them...'". 'Them' being trained black and young talent, that fall into the 'previously disadvantaged' category.

Well, the Triple A has a whole bunch of talented and creative third year students that have made it through the rigorous three-year training in various disciplines in media and communications, and - as part of their Government sanctioned learnership programme - have to complete a required fourth workplace skills year in order to get their diplomas.

The students have specialised in the following industry disciplines: Copy Writing; Graphic Design; Art Direction; Account Management; Media Management; and Brand Management.

The Triple A is one of Government's accredited academic institutions that are tasked with training young talent that cannot afford their own education, but want to make it in our industry. The students on the learnership programmes administered by our industry SETA - the MAPPP SETA - are treated no differently from their fellow students, and in fact their progress is constantly monitored as they receive funds from the Skills Development Fund (SDF) to help pay for their tuition.

What makes these programmes unique is the fact that once the students graduate from the AAA School of Advertising, they move into the industry and are placed at companies for a full year internship. This workplace skills year is crucial in preparing these learners for employment and provides these students with an extra year of training.

MD and Principal of the AAA School of Advertising, Dr Ludi Koekemoer, has expressed his gratitude to for being part of this initiative in facilitating employment for these learners. Koekemoer has stressed that transformation of the advertising industry is not just about setting equity targets in terms of numbers. "It's as much about the quality of people joining the industry, about an appreciation of cultural differences, about making the advertising industry a career of choice, and about training young talent with staying power."

The transformation imperative

One of the critical factors of the transformation of any workplace is to grow and develop talent from within, particularly young black talent, that the academic institutions are painstakingly, through their marketing efforts, attracting to the industry.

The advertising industry Black Economic Empowerment scorecard gets released this week and the marketing industry has started the transformation process towards its scorecard process - putting pressure on every company in the media and communications sector (including advertising, media, marketing, strategic, design, branding, production, public relations, research, and so on) to step up efforts to meet Governments' transformation imperative.

One of Government's policy instruments to achieve BEE, is the 'Balanced Scorecard' to measure progress made in achieving BEE by enterprises and sectors. The use of a common scorecard by different stakeholders provides a basic framework against which to benchmark the BEE process in different enterprises and sectors. The Scorecard measures three core elements of BEE:

  • Direct empowerment through ownership and control of enterprises and assets.
  • Human resource development and employment equity.
  • Indirect empowerment through preferential procurement and enterprise development.

    In unpacking the transformation process, leaders in the media and communications sector emphasise that BEE is not just about acquiring a black partner, but also about: growth from within of talent; participation in actual company operations; supplier BEE; and social responsibility.

    The SETA learnerships are equitable and a percentage of the learners are white.

    But wait... there's more!

    Any employer taking on a learner registered with an industry SETA, receives financial benefits for the full 365 days that they employ the learner.

    To assist employers in paying these salaries, the SDF (again via MAPPP Seta) pays these companies an annual sum of money, this year it was R18 000 (or through tax benefits). This is truly a win-win situation for the industry, as well as the new recruits.

    Full instructions provided on how to operate your learner...

    As the workplace skills provider, your job is essentially to train your new recruit on-the-job. Each employer receives a comprehensive list of competencies from the AAA School of Advertising, to be acquired by your student during 2005, upon his or her arrival. Everything from learning how to create a job bag; to dealing with clients; chairing a meeting; and so on - whatever the job responsibilities at entry level require.

    Your portfolio of responsibilities will include:

  • To act as mentor to your student.
  • To monitor and evaluate your student's performance.
  • To submit monthly and quarterly progress reports to MAPPP Seta.

    As principal of the Triple A, Dr Ludi Koekemoer, explains: "The onus of meaningful transformation falls on the advertising industry's shoulders. We must expose new recruits to a career path, and to nurture, grow, develop and retain them. This is the only way the industry can hope to meet the requirements of innovation, creativity, strategic thinking, accountability and real delivery."

    The Triple A has also undertaken to assist any company that wishes to recruit a learner, with gaining the necessary SETA accreditation if they have not already done so.

    For further information on the MAPPP Seta-accredited Learnership Programmes and available students for 2005, please contact the AAA School of Advertising Johannesburg campus directly, on Tel: +27 +11 781 2772, or contact the students below directly.

    Special offer: talent asked each student to write a paragraph to sell themselves, on why they should be hired. The full list of students available for learnerships is as follows ( has edited some of the submissions down!):


    Lungelwa Mhlekwa, 072 255 4007

    I am very passionate about the advertising industry, there is so much to be learnt and it is an ever changing industry with new things coming up all the time. I want to be part of the evolution, and I want to contribute to whatever could be the new trend. The thing about me is that I am willing to learn, experience and take risks as long as "my gut feel" says its good - I am willing to go the extra mile. Brand and Media Management are my specialization and they have opened up my mind to a world that I think is fabulous. I love advertising and want to be a part of it.

    Nokwanda Zibi, 083 967 3542

    What I do best is just being me, and this is what I can offer to your agency... A young dynamic individual with my feet firmly on the ground. I am new in this game and I have the drive and intent to learn more about this game. At this moment in time there's nothing else that I'd rather be doing than in strategic planning.

    Khulufelo Kutumela, 072 142 6262

    I am a brand builder, a creative person, very open minded and with the ability to pay attention to detail. Definitely not shaken by challenge and as a result I can multi-task as well. All the above mentioned attributes makes me a valuable strat planner for an agency. I am very eager to get my hands into real practical stuff. I need to make a mark within the industry.

    Lesego Ditshwene, 083 207 5189

    No paragraph available


    Rene Jansen, 072 123 0288

    I decided to specialise in Media and Brand Management as my focus lies with both. I feel that these aspects go hand in hand and form an integral part of the advertising/ communication process. The environment in which my field of study is demanding, I will match that demand by working above and beyond my call of duty. My strengths are to complete the job within the time limitations, making the use of any and all resources available. I gain as much satisfaction from the function of the task, to the completion of an end product. This drive allows me to keep current in my field and never doubt the choice I have made in terms of a career.

    Tembekile Mlamleli, 072 318 9052

    I think I would contribute to being a great asset in the advertising industry. I always try to be ahead of what is happening in my environment. I am a hardworker, work best under pressure, I am creative, have good people skills, I am proactive, when I see an opportunity I seize it. I thrive on taking on challenges. I am a very social individual who likes interacting and networking with various prospects. I read a lot, and take life as a learning, trial, error and achievement process. I could contribute to taking advertising to greater heights.

    Lutendo Nengovhela, (021) 481 3500

    "Learn the rules. Then learn how to change them, and get others to follow." -- Heidi Minx, President of Franky & Minx Inc
    After three years of excellent training, I am confident that I have the potential and the necessary skills to become a productive part of an Advertising network. I am still young and with my hunger for challenges and passion for advertising I will pull it off. My strength lies in strategic planning. I expect the industry to give me the opportunity to prove myself. I feel that as young people there is a lot we can do for this industry. I am a Brand Strategist and Media Planner in the making and I will be an investment for the company that takes me under their wing.

    Tana Pesat, 082 950 2619

    Swot Analysis:
    Strengths: Confident, friendly and open-minded / Well-informed and willingness to learn / Strong interest in music and trends / 2 internships/5 live campaigns / 2 specialisations which are Media Management and Brand Management.
    Weaknesses: Don't present that well but everything else I do pretty
    well / Don't have long-term experience.
    Opportunities: Convince potential employees of my capabilities / Utilise my learning and training experience at A.A.A.
    Threats: Clients are moving their accounts to Joburg agencies therefore size of industry is decreasing and therefore employment opportunities.


    Thato Kubyana, 083 350 6482

    I am a hardworking individual who is willing to learn, work well with people, can communicate well, I specialized in media management. I am also computer literate.

    Egnetia Masemola, 072 271 0685

    Energetic, entertaining, elegant that's me. I'm a 21 year old black woman with an incredible zest for life. I have an infectious, vibrant personality and i'm super focused.
    Given the opportunity, I know I can make a difference in the advertising industry.
    I'm passionate about my work and always strive to be the best in everything that I do, yet i'm always willing to learn. The industry needs a confident, intelligent, young individual who lives for a challenge and never gives up... that's me.

    Gontse Mmadi, 072 219 9170

    Better known as Miss G amongst my friends and those close to me. I am 22 years old and am extremely passionate about advertising specifically the Media department. AAA has mainly taught me how to work in groups as this is vital in advertising - no work is done alone as different departments work together to achieve the companies' goals and satisfy the client. Not only do I have insight on media, but also AAA gave us the opportunity to work on campaigns that allowed us to experience strategic management - thus enabling us to come up with strategies for clients.

    Mandisa Nkwanyana, 072 222 8159

    Growing up in a very science driven background, my parents never dreamed I would be in Advertising. I "naturally" convinced them that even scientists need exposure so that they can still be in business. I love what I do, especially the thrill of coming up with strategic media solutions for a client. I'm a visionary and always believe that there is always a better solution to any problem. I'm passionate; full of life and "give up" does not exist in my vocabulary... I know I was born to do this.


    Naledi Koza, 083 993 5451

    My name is Naledi Koza, an intelligent, ambitious, very articulate and incredibly creative young woman. I see the world as a spectrum of ideas! This allows me to always find a view of the rainbow and not just see black and white. My expectations? Given that I'm being introduced into the industry, I want to learn not just how things are done but how they can be done exceptionally, because at the end of the day I wish to be an achiever and not just a number on the payroll. Therefore, I need an agency that will not subject me to endless days of photocopying and coffee making... instead one that will harness my potential and realize that I can be of great value when given a chance.


    Sally Makgopa, 083 734 7759

    I will try to balance work and play as best as I can since both are very important to me and I will never neglect one for the other. I love the world of advertising and I do not regret the career choice that I made. Ever!!! I am driven by my passion for it. I have come this far and I am not looking back, no matter what anybody says. I fell and I rose again, I lost and I won... I have battled and I have conquered. Aint nobody stopping me now.

    Harold Mathipa, 082 346 2573

    No paragraph available


    Ryan Cloete, 083 687 8429

    I am a young-minded and goal-driven individual who enjoys taking on the new challenges that life has to offer. I love learning new things because to me education is about getting to know oneself better. In this light I can use my personal insight to work with others and help them where I can. Some of my strengths are that in most circumstances I can be fairly objective and open-minded. With this in mind, I consider myself a team player with much to offer. To me life is an ocean of information and experience. I am a sponge that absorbs it. I am prepared to give my absolute best and pull out all the stops.


    Claire Brauer, 082 846 2433

    I nail my colours to the mast for all the world to see.
    There fly the flags of pride and passion, dedication and integrity.
    That flag of creative thought - it's a one-off - it can't be bought.
    The climb up the mast was tough and long
    but a challenge inspires me on and on.
    I don't climb alone, I need my team
    to craft reality from an intangible dream.
    So, that's who I am and will always be.
    These are my colours you see.

    Candice Bristow, 073 188 2887

    What are good qualities in this industry? Hardworking, diligent, conceptual. Sure I could list all the clichés but the truth is that a portfolio is just 50% of who a creative person is. It boils down to one thing... can I think creatively? The answer is yes but if you really want to know something about me, I talk a hell of lot even though I tend to be shy at first. Once I am comfortable I come out of my shell and I don't shut up. So basically I can be annoying which by saying so, I am telling you that I am honest. Hooray for another cliché. All I ask is that you meet me and then go on your instinct.

    Reggie Makhetha, 082 209 2406

    To add a tasteful flavour to your agency you need a different view of the art. I'm an art director that loves South African advertising and would love to explore its different appeals. From the townships to the suburbs our country has an untapped mix of ideas that make our industry such an interesting melting pot. I want to capture the spirit of the South Africa and put it out into award winning advertising.

    Marvin Zwambila, 072 559 6238

    Advertising has been around for a long time and it is amazing how it influences our lives. Being fresh out of college armed with a creatively keen mind and my most valued weapon, my passion for advertising. I may not have the experience but I'm confident my passion and keen mind will be able to contribute immense creativity into the industry, if given the opportunity to. Not only will you be gaining an individual with no experience but one who is innovative, determined, hardworking and wants to make cool ads that will positively influence people's lives.

    Theuns van der Merwe, 082 681 8567

    No paragraph available

    Mpumi Zingitwa, 072 612 4055

    No paragraph available


    Tom Phamoli, 083 754 1746

    AAA School of Advertising has made such a big impact on my life. It's taught me to look at brands and various adverts with a critical eye, understanding their strengths and weaknesses. I always loved being creative from when I was young and knew I had a role to play in the history of advertising. I believe in positive, lasting advertising, brand building. Have an eye for details, especially with South African advertising. I feel its got to stand out, be unique and in season with the current daily South African lifestyle. I am good with DTP (computer skills). I am a team player. I would be glad to present my portfolio and have an opportunity to do advertising... that touches the heart, comes from the heart and builds brands or simply makes people proud and excited.


    Julia Maade, 084 400 8633

    Hey, I'm Julie.
    I'm 21 years old & am in my 3rd and final year at AAA.
    Here are a few reasons why I think I would make a good intern for 2005:
    I am a really enthusiastic person and I'm always eager to learn something new.
    I'm hard working and do my best at the task at hand.
    I am friendly and work well in teams.
    I am small enough to fit into most corner office spaces!
    With that said, I think that interning at your agency in 2005 would be a really great experience for me and is sure to provide me with a wealth of knowledge as I take my first step into the industry.


    Mohlalifi Lentsoane, 073 599 8860

    Nduduzo Ndela, 082 692 9608

    I would like the opportunity to grow as a Copywriter. I have always been an observer of the world around me and I know I still have a lot to learn for me to truly become a master of my art. In anything one does there will be challenges to overcome but failure is not an option for me because this is what i want to do with my life and i will do whatever it takes to prove my worth. I'm simply an ambitious young man asking for a foot in the door.


    Keenon-Michael Daniels , 083 371 4743

    WHY ME? - Because I'm a Rooster.
    In 2005, it will be the year of the Rooster.
    The original strong type, a rooster is a
    deep thinker with a pioneering spirit.
    He possesses a quiet exterior that belies
    an intense talent to persuade others to his point of view.
    Bottom line - what this rooster can bring to your agency is
    originality and fresh conceptual thinking.

    Lieza Timms, 082 978 1825

    Creative, hardworking, a healthy imagination, a passion for writing, a love of words and a determination to find the humour, human truth or drama in a product, are just some of the qualities that I will bring to your agency. As well as these qualities I also bring a unique outlook on the world, a new take on life, people and situations, which I will hope to interpret in each of the briefs given to me. To end off, the reason your agency should choose me is because I'm eager to learn everything your agency has to teach, I will definitely not waste the opportunity you have given me.

    Fezile Marubelela, 084 470 8630

    I'm mean and lean with a fully loaded toolbox for a brain. Total strangers have likened my verbal gymnastics and life experience to the wisdom of the elders. My ability to think on my feet and meet deadlines has been compared with the best hostage negotiators. Family members are referring to me as a trapeze artist, with the ability and mental stamina to juggle a baby, a loaded gun with the safety off and a blazing chainsaw simultaneously, without a safety net! If your company believes in teamwork and cutting edge ideas, then I'm a permanent young black man in your corner!

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