Property Trends 2020

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#Sona20: 5 positives for property

In the lead-up to Sona 2020, property experts were united in their hopes for the president's address...

By Tony Clarke 17 Feb 2020

SA's first fully-integrated, mixed-income housing development launches

South Africa's first fully-integrated, mixed-income, mixed-use development, aimed at reversing apartheid spatial planning and located near Cape Town's CBD, has been launched for sale to the public...

Issued by Leap Communications 14 Feb 2020

#Sona20: We're talking in the right direction, but actions speak louder than words

While it is hardly news that what is desperately needed in South Africa is economic growth and a dramatic increase in the employment rate, it was nevertheless reassuring...

By Carl Coetzee 14 Feb 2020

2020 SAPOA Property Development Awards open for entries

This year's edition of the SAPOA Property Development Awards for Innovative Excellence is open for entries...

10 Feb 2020

Rondebosch golf club: City of Cape Town accused of subsidising the wealthy elite

The City of Cape Town is "subsidising the wealthy elite" by planning to extend the lease on the Rondebosch golf course for another ten years at a very low rental fee, says activist group Ndifuna Ukwazi...

By Lucas Nowicki 24 Jan 2020

Mexico builds world's first 3D-printed community houses

New Story, a non-profit organisation offering pioneering solutions to end global homelessness, has announced that the world's first 3D-printed community is officially being built and it has revealed the first set of homes in Mexico...

30 Dec 2019

Set yourself apart as a property entrepreneur, everything you need to know

Professor François Viruly, property economist, associate professor and course convenor on the University of Cape Town Property Development and Investment short course provides information on how to improve your chances of becoming a successful property investor...

Issued by GetSmarter, a brand of 2U, Inc. 17 Dec 2019

#BestofBiz 2019: Property

We've compiled our annual #BestofBiz 2019 lists across all our industries featuring our most popular articles, most-read contributors and brand press offices with the most views. Discover the most read content...

17 Dec 2019

Build-to-rent (BTR) - an investment model to watch

Build-to-rent (BTR) is not a well-known term in South Africa, but is an investment model to watch...

By Harold Spies 6 Dec 2019

Opposition to City of Cape Town's business park plan

Some business owners in the Racing Park near Dunoon are opposing the City of Cape Town's plan to rezone the area from industrial to residential...

By Peter Luhanga 5 Dec 2019

Decision on disputed Sea Point property expected in 2020

The long-awaited Tafelberg case ended on Friday, 29 November, after five days in the Western Cape High Court...

By Madison Yauger 2 Dec 2019

School promises some affordable housing on Tafelberg site

If the Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School acquires the Tafelberg site, 40 affordable housing units will be built on the property as well as a school...

By Madison Yauger 29 Nov 2019

Judges question province's argument in Tafelberg case

Judges in the Tafelberg case questioned arguments by the Western Cape government on Wednesday, 27 November, about the decision to sell the valuable property to a private school instead of building social housing on the site...

By Madison Yauger 28 Nov 2019

Court case on future of Sea Point property begins

The four-day case on the fate of the Tafelberg property began in the Cape High Court on Monday, 25 November. The case could potentially set a precedent on what can be done with inner city state-owned land...

By Madison Yauger 27 Nov 2019

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