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Tackling the Big Fish

In Big Catch Fishing Tackle Pty Ltd and Others v Justin Miles Kemp and Others (2019), De Waal AJ dismissed the application instituted for interim relief, with costs against the second to fifth applicants, on the basis that the applicants had not made out a case that they would suffer irreparable harm if the interdict was not granted...

By Dean Joffe, overseen by Ashlin Perumall 16 Apr 2019

Understand third-party risks when choosing partners and associates

Deciding to go into business with a company requires many background checks to ensure you are making a wise decision that will not put your company's reputation at risk...

Issued by LexisNexis 16 Apr 2019

Finalising new DMASA Code of Practice

The Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) has announced that its updated Code of Practice is in the process of finalisation...

15 Apr 2019

Tax and the ethics of paying back the money

Companies can't just pretty up their board of directors with figure heads, appointed for their reputation and the contacts that they will bring to the particular organisation...

By Jerry Botha & Jonathan Goldberg 15 Apr 2019

The cost of failing to notify authorities of mergers

The Competition Commission has sought to provide some guidance regarding the notification and implementation of mergers by publishing Guidelines for the determination of administrative penalties for failure to notify mergers and implementation of mergers contrary to the Competition Act...

By Burton Phillips 11 Apr 2019

Who's the boss during business rescue?

Companies may seek business rescue as a way to buy time to get back on their feet while enjoying protection from creditors' claims, while assuming they will drive the recovery process. This couldn't be further from the truth...

1 Apr 2019

How do new VAT cross-border e-commerce rules affect suppliers?

The indirect taxation of cross-border e-commerce transactions have been high on the agenda for tax authorities worldwide. There is clearly a perception that much of these transactions are escaping indirect tax (essentially VAT) because the supplier and consumer are in different jurisdictions...

By Des Kruger 1 Apr 2019

The best practice when it comes to 'know your customer' KYC

Abiding by a host of regulatory requirements is an additional responsibility for businesses, many of which already face immense pressure to increase margins in tough economic times and improve customer satisfaction in competitive environments...

Issued by LexisNexis 29 Mar 2019

Why every director should dissect the details of liability insurance

Overlooking the fine-print and particulars stipulated in Directors' Liability Insurance can be detrimental to company directors...

By PJ Veldhuizen 29 Mar 2019

Smart contracts vs traditional contracts: Same but different

Smart contracts mark the evolution of the binding contract from a set of terms and conditions, governed by the common law, into a set of conditional statements governed by a programming language and the tenets of blockchain technology...

By Seshree Govender 26 Mar 2019

Whether it's R1 or R1m - you have to be registered when lending money with interest

The fall out between an elderly couple and their business partner, and the consequent lengthy legal battle, led to an interesting situation for anyone borrowing or lending money in South Africa...

By Lamis Adam 26 Mar 2019

Liquor industry signs guidelines for good business practice for SA companies in Africa

The liquor industry has signed the Guidelines for Good Business Practice for South African Companies Operating on the African Continent...

1 Mar 2019

How to get your money back in a blockchain dispute

South Africa has yet to witness a major blockchain-related dispute but such disputes are bound to occur as interest in cryptocurrencies and smart contracts intensifies and transactions involving them become more common...

By Kirsten Bailey and Max Taylor 26 Feb 2019

SAA settles Comair dispute

South African Airways (SAA) has reached a settlement with Comair following a protracted legal battle, saying it paves the way for the airline to reach financial sustainability...

18 Feb 2019

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