Advertising Video South Africa

CIPLA Humancare - Samuel Japane

""I really enjoyed the filming and learnt so much. It was my first time seeing a lot of those birds in the area. The teamwork was amazing - I’ve never seen people work together like that. I really respect it." Samuel Japane

CIPLA presents Samuel Japane, the birdman extraordinaire, in part 3 of the CIPLA Humancare series.

Director/Producer Linda Notelovitz, Director's Assistant Giovanna Winetzki, DP Alard de Smit, Wardrobe & Styling by David Hutt, Edited by Nic Goodwin (TFPP), Grade by Nic Apostoli, Online Artist Simone De Ruyck (TFPP), Post Produced by Lisa Haw with Final Mix by Sean Williams (Sterling Sound).

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