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5 imperatives when reimagining go-to-market strategies post pandemic
5 imperatives when reimagining go-to-market strategies post pandemicArticle

The coronavirus pandemic has hampered companies' go-to-market strategies everywhere, but nowhere has the disruption been more severe than in emerging markets...

Stefano Niavas 8 Sep 2020

TechSumo drives business growth by connecting tech buyers with tech sellers
TechSumo drives business growth by connecting tech buyers with tech sellersArticle

A powerful new platform connects Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with small and mid-tiered businesses that need technology solutions to drive growth...

Issued by Digital Kungfu 18 Jun 2020

#StartupStory: Create memories forever with ForKeeps
#StartupStory: Create memories forever with ForKeepsArticle

Do you ever wish you could hear a lost loved one's voice just one more time? Or wish you knew what happened to the photos from all those family holidays and special occasions years ago?

Evan-Lee Courie 9 Apr 2020

Jenni-Ruth Coggin joins BMi Research as key account manager
Jenni-Ruth Coggin joins BMi Research as key account managerArticle

BMi Research, a valued insights partner to blue chip companies, has appointed Jenni-Ruth Coggin as a key account manager...

Issued by BMi Research 4 Feb 2020

#StartupStory: There's a new expense claim app in town
#StartupStory: There's a new expense claim app in townArticle

Slipztream, an innovative expense claim app created and self-funded by former professional rugby player, Dylan Des Fountain and his entrepreneur wife, Joy Des Fountain, was recently launched...

Evan-Lee Courie 14 Jun 2019

Celebrating women in the tech industry
Celebrating women in the tech industryArticle

As we recently celebrated International Women's Day 2019 under the theme "#BalanceForBetter", let's not forget to applaud the amazing work done by extraordinary women in the tech industry...

8 Mar 2019

Get leads and marketing results in weeks, not months
Get leads and marketing results in weeks, not monthsArticle

Speed is the new currency in marketing. To deliver on fast, affordable and effective lead generation campaigns for technology clients, Digital Kungfu is pioneering an Agile marketing approach...

Issued by Digital Kungfu 11 Feb 2019

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Adopt downturn survival strategies in 2019, property agents advisedArticle

With inflation expected to continue its rise for most of the year and economic growth predicted to stay slow, 2019 will see estate agencies facing mounting pressure from property owners and tenants alike...

17 Jan 2019

Top 10 trends in digital commerce
Top 10 trends in digital commerceArticle

Much has changed since the first products were sold online in the 1990s...

Sandy Shen 16 Oct 2018

Image via EOH
EOH's Zunaid Mayet steps down as CEOArticle

NEWSWATCH: Zunaid Mayet, CEO of JSE-listed IT services group EOH, is stepping down as CEO amidst major restructuring and management changes at the company...

27 Jun 2018

B2B marketing misconceptions, exclusive interview w/ Tom Stein
B2B marketing misconceptions, exclusive interview w/ Tom SteinArticle

Jessica Tennant interviews Tom Stein, chairman and CCO of Stein IAS to find out what delegates can expect from his talk at B2B Marketing Africa in Johannesburg on Tuesday, 19 June and his view of the B2B marketing landscape from a global perspective...

Jessica Tennant 13 Jun 2018

Global e-commerce communities are disrupting the retail marketplace
Global e-commerce communities are disrupting the retail marketplaceArticle

Giant digital shopping destinations now account for more than 50% of the nearly $500 billion spent by North American consumers online...

21 May 2018

Kenya's A24Media launches $1m media tech investment fund
Kenya's A24Media launches $1m media tech investment fundArticle

Kenyan independent news channel A24Media has announced the launch of a US$1 million investment fund to back innovative media technology developers from around the world...

Gabriella Mulligan 8 Mar 2018

Moving South Africa to 5% e-commerce
Moving South Africa to 5% e-commerceArticle

E-commerce experts believe it is possible to take South African e-commerce from 1% of total retail to 5%...

15 Mar 2017

Dan Sommer, Qlik
Could 2017 be the year of data literacy?Article

Over the past twelve months we've seen an explosion of data, an increase in processing it and a move towards information activism...

Dan Sommer 17 Jan 2017

New MTN Business programme to strengthen partner ecosystem
New MTN Business programme to strengthen partner ecosystemArticle

MTN Business has launched a programme that aims to strengthen relations within its partner ecosysem. The new partnership programme will step up...

16 Sep 2016

Creative content that comes alive
Creative content that comes aliveArticle

When it came to creating the annual calendar, Mortimer Harvey looked beyond the ordinary. They wanted something interactive, visually appealing, useful and a window on their exciting new OmniChannel offering...

Issued by Mortimer Harvey 26 Feb 2016

Outsourcing vs insourcing: trust innovation to the experts
Outsourcing vs insourcing: trust innovation to the expertsArticle

While the topic of outsourcing versus insourcing has been the fuel for much debate, it's time to recognise both methods of IT service provisioning for what they really are...

Saurabh Kumar 25 Feb 2016

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Experience, not price drives consumers' preferences in AfricaArticle

According to Professor Adré Schreuder, CEO of Consulta, customer experience has surpassed price as major purchasing driver in Africa...

20 Oct 2015

SoftBev announced as new SA bottler for PepsiCo
SoftBev announced as new SA bottler for PepsiCoArticle

PepsiCo has announced the appointment of SoftBev, the national soft drinks company, as its sole licensed bottler in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland and with distribution rights in Botswana and Namibia...

14 Jul 2015

Building a high-performing marketing team
Building a high-performing marketing teamArticle

Most modern successful companies have one thing in common - they have put the marketing function at the centre of their business processes...

Joseph Neusu 13 Jul 2015

Does co-creation provide the best blueprint for long-term venture success?
Does co-creation provide the best blueprint for long-term venture success?Article

Venture capital is the buzzword on every entrepreneur's lips, especially in South Africa where initiatives such as Silicon Cape aim to replicate the success of technology startup environments elsewhere in the world...

Eugene Jansen 23 Jun 2015

[NewsMaker] Trevor Wolfe
[NewsMaker] Trevor WolfeArticle

The newly appointed managing director and head of commercialisation at Springleap, Trevor Wolfe, will drive Springleap's client base expansion into the African market with the opening of a Johannesburg office...

Louise Marsland 10 Dec 2014

Managed services born again in Africa
Managed services born again in AfricaArticle

The notion of managed IT services is not new, but thanks to the ever-evolving nature of technology and the rapid growth of cloud services in Africa, managed services has in effect been born again.

24 Oct 2014

How to capitalise on Africa's rising middle class
How to capitalise on Africa's rising middle classArticle

Africa's moment is virtually here. With a GDP growth averaging 5%, it's no wonder that Africa has become a focus for investment. All eyes are on Africa's rapidly emerging middle class - a group expected to drive consumption on the rising continent.

Golden Muzanago 21 May 2014

Sid Peimer
Throw your strategy away: it's time to stretchArticle

Strategic intent has not entered the everyday lexicon of strategic planning. The reason I think is that it lies outside all the formal methodologies and processes of planning.

Sid Peimer 29 Apr 2014

Sid Peimer
Intelligence will hamper your progressArticle

Here are a couple of examples of strategy by design, or a strategy that emerges - both devoid of copious amounts of market "intelligence"

Sid Peimer 23 Apr 2014

Trend Micro partners Cloud on DemandArticle

Global security software vendor Trend Micro has appointed Cloud On Demand, a South African cloud vendor and hybrid cloud enablement partner, as its first XSP (cloud) partner in the southern African region.

17 Sep 2013

Albie Bester
Reaching for the cloud? Why an experienced partner can helpArticle

There is little doubt that opportunity exists in the Cloud services space, considered one of the fastest growing areas of ICT.

Albie Bester 16 Jul 2013

Visa cardholders increase travel spend in SA by 23% in 2010
Visa cardholders increase travel spend in SA by 23% in 2010Article

Taking advantage of a significant tourism opportunity surrounding the 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa saw a 23% increase in spending by international travellers using their Visa cards in 2010 according to the Tourism Outlook: South Africa report released by Visa Inc this week. According to the report, international Visa cardholders increased tourism spending from US$1.8 billion* in 2009 to US$2.2 billion in 2010.

27 Oct 2011

Innovation dinner confirms speakers
Innovation dinner confirms speakersArticle

The bi-monthly ITNewsAfrica Innovation Dinner series, designed for Africa's ICT professionals, entrepreneurs and senior business people across all industries in Africa have confirmed the speakers for the upcoming dinner taking place on Wednesday 31 August 2011 at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.

8 Aug 2011

ITNewsAfrica Innovation Dinner to host international speaker
ITNewsAfrica Innovation Dinner to host international speakerArticle

ICT publication ITNewsAfrica, has confirmed that international guest speaker Theodore Forbath, VP for innovation strategy at Frog International, will be a keynote speaker at the 31 August 2011, ITNewsAfrica Innovation Dinner.

26 Jul 2011

The most vexing problem confronting sales
The most vexing problem confronting salesArticle

In an increasingly commoditised and transparent global environment, it is becoming harder and harder for companies to maintain their profit margins selling traditional products and services. Well-established businesses are finding that product/service-based differentiation is more costly and difficult to maintain than ever before, and the resulting product differences are increasingly less meaningful.

Peter Gilbert 20 Sep 2010

The Asian e-commerce opportunityArticle

For many in the West, Asia is viewed as a large monolithic geographic area with some slight differences among regions. However, a more-informed understanding is that there are several market segments, and an understanding of some of the key differences between segments is valuable to developing effective market strategies.

Kirti Vashee 26 Oct 2009

Will profits prove elusive for on-demand CRM?Article

LONDON: The on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) model is gaining rapid adoption and will witness double digit growth rates over the medium term. This is according to independent market analyst firm Datamonitor, whose new report, “On-demand CRM: From Top-lines to Bottom-lines”, says that many on-demand vendors - leading ones included - are facing unique competitive pressures and are struggling to find profitability in this high-growth market.

24 Oct 2008

Profits could prove elusive for the on-demand CRM modelArticle

“…The need of the hour for on-demand CRM vendors is to accelerate their path to profitability... ”

Surya Mukherjee 24 Oct 2008

China faces post-Olympic slumpArticle

Researchers expect that post-Olympic slump will see reallocation of manufacturing IT budgets. Are there lessons for South Africa and post-2010? The World Cup is not the Olympics, but it is a huge event - can we too, expect a downturn? After all, other countries have also seen downturns after hosting the Olympics.

Adam Jura 2 Sep 2008

Asia-Pacific exciting growth for contact centre vendorsArticle

Dynamic growth is being predicted for both the number of contact centres and customer service agent* positions in Asia Pacific.

Mona Sultan 6 Jun 2008

Inhalers - not all good newsArticle

Research finds that inhaler devices are still a major hurdle in asthma and COPD treatment.

4 Jun 2008

SaaS continues to spread within enterprise and SME manufacturing companiesArticle

Manufacturing companies, both big and small, are increasingly looking to technology delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS) models to meet their evolving IT and business challenges.

Adam Jura 15 May 2008

Africa is the next 'opportunity'
Africa is the next 'opportunity'Article

Developing country firms are best placed to capitalise on the rapid development of 86% of the world population in countries with a per capita gross national product (GNP) of less than U$10 000. This is according to Professor Vijay Mahajan, one of the world's leading marketing researchers and the former editor of the Journal of Marketing Research, who spoke at a UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) research seminar last week.

18 May 2006

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