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Recycling isn't enough - the world's plastic pollution crisis is only getting worse
Recycling isn't enough - the world's plastic pollution crisis is only getting worseArticle

Plastic production and consumption has snowballed since large-scale production began in the 1950s...

Stephanie B. Borrelle 2 days ago

Construction starts on Foster + Partners-designed Cairo hospital
Construction starts on Foster + Partners-designed Cairo hospitalArticle

Construction has begun on the new Foster + Partners-designed Cairo hospital, featuring soft and warm colours and shell-like roofs, located within a lush, verdant landscape...

15 Sep 2020

Cardiovascular risk factors are high in Sierra Leone. Steven Rubin
Why Sierra Leone needs to focus on cardiovascular healthArticle

Cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, are major causes of death and disability globally.

Maria Odland & Justine Ina Davies 10 Sep 2020

People exercising in Ellis Park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dino Lloyd/Gallo Images via Getty Images
South Africans must be healthier for universal healthcare to succeedArticle

Achieving a healthy population isn't easy for any country - rich or poor. One of the approaches that's gained traction over the past two decades is preventative care through health promotion...

Jane Simmonds & Charles Parry 8 Jul 2020

Exposure to sunshine for a few minutes is enough to provide sufficient vitamin D. GettyImages
Think vitamin D deficiency is not common in Africa? Think againArticle

The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency, and the number of diseases associated with it, seems to be increasing worldwide. Africa is known to have a huge burden of disease, but little is known about the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency...

Reagan Mogire 29 Jun 2020

Africa is way behind the curve in managing heart disease: here's a new approach
Africa is way behind the curve in managing heart disease: here's a new approachArticle

The burden of non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan African is growing because of factors such as demographic changes and increases in life expectancy...

Martin Heine 13 Feb 2020

Affordable healthcare in 2020
Affordable healthcare in 2020Article

Medical aid may feel like a grudge purchase until you find yourself faced with a health issue, and unexpected and expensive medical or hospital costs...

Issued by Bonitas 30 Jan 2020

Millions of young children get malaria. These two got it in 2010.
AP Photo/Schalk van Zuydam
There's a way for modern medicine to cure diseases even when the treatments aren't profitableArticle

Strides in medicine have contributed to a dramatic increase in life expectancy over the last century. Diseases like HIV and cervical cancer that were essentially death sentences as recently as 30 years ago can now be managed...

James Leahy 28 Oct 2019

Vitamin D lowers risk of cancer death - study
Vitamin D lowers risk of cancer death - studyArticle

Supplementing with vitamin D may lower the risk of cancer death by 16%, according to new research...

Issued by Leap Communications 18 Oct 2019

Slum residents were said to do less exercise because of cheap motorcycle taxis. Boris Golovnev/Shutterstock
Bad habits drive health risks among Kenya's urban poorArticle

There's a rise of cardiovascular diseases in developing countries which is linked to changes in diet, physical activity and obesity...

Frederick Wekesah 13 Sep 2019

Bonitas annual results 2018 - Good vital signs
Bonitas annual results 2018 - Good vital signsArticle

Bonitas Medical Fund (the Scheme) reported its financial results for 2018 announcing bolstered reserves from R4bn in 2017 to R4.13bn in 2018, despite difficult trading conditions...

Issued by Bonitas 16 Jul 2019

80's child/Shutterstock
Alzheimer's disease not linked to type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure - new studyArticle

If you want to reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer's disease, there is no end of advice on the internet telling you how to do it...

Elisabet Englund & Keivan Javanshiri 26 Jun 2019

There’s a lack of research that deals specifically with conditions in African countries. Shutterstock
Africa needs to up its research game to fight non-communicable diseasesArticle

Non-communicable diseases are the current leading cause of death worldwide. And the burden is increasingly shifting from developed to developing countries...

Andre Pascal Kengne, Elvis Banboye Kidzeru & Muki Shey 19 Jun 2019

Dietitians do much more than you think
Dietitians do much more than you thinkArticle

The careers of dietitians are way more diverse than many think. The typical assumption is that a dietitian is a nutritional health professional available through private practice to those who need and can afford weight loss expertise...

Issued by Association for Dietetics in South Africa 4 Jun 2019

Cipla Medpro acquires a stake in connected health company Brandmed
Cipla Medpro acquires a stake in connected health company BrandmedArticle

Cipla Medpro will acquire a 30% stake upon closure in the connected healthcare company, Brandmed...

Issued by Cipla 17 May 2019

Drug reduces kidney failure in diabetics
Drug reduces kidney failure in diabeticsArticle

Canagliflozin, a drug approved to lower glucose levels in diabetic patients, can slow the progression of kidney disease, according to a study co-authored by a Stanford Medicine researcher.

16 Apr 2019

Reducing salt intake can save lives. Shutterstock
Salt is bad for you: but how it affects your body is still frontier scienceArticle

Research has shown that excess salt intake is harmful to people's health. It can lead to high blood pressure and increase the risk of heart disease and stroke...

Alta Schutte & Michél Strauss 14 Mar 2019

Why sleep-deprived employees are costing the country billions
Why sleep-deprived employees are costing the country billionsArticle

South Africans need more sleep. Sleep-deprived employees are at higher risk of life-threatening chronic illness and disability, more likely to cause workplace accidents, less productive and more absent - adding up to an economic liability in the billions...

25 Feb 2019

Salty and fatty foods are driving up obesity. Shutterstock
Weighing up the costs of treating lifestyle diseases in South AfricaArticle

Economic growth, accompanied by a fall in infectious diseases over the past two decades, has changed the profile of the biggest to the health of people living in low and middle-income countries...

7 Feb 2019

Personalised medicine aims to tailor treatment according to each person’s genetic makeup. Shutterstock
Why African countries need to give genomic research a major boostArticle

All organisms are unique. Each having a set of genetic instructions for their build-up and maintenance. This set of genetic instructions is contained in genes that makeup a genome...

Lamech Mwapagha 30 Jan 2019

Physician, heal thyself
Physician, heal thyselfArticle

The stress, pressure and long hours that most medical practitioners are exposed on a daily basis does increase the risk to their health...

30 Dec 2018

Rifut Atun
The big 3 questions on healthcare and AIArticle

In an October 22, 2018 article in the Journal of Global Health, Rifat Atun, professor of global health systems at Harvard Chan School, and co-authors write that machine learning has the potential to transform health systems...

Karen Feldscher 21 Nov 2018

World Diabetes Day 14 November - Preventing diabetes - key to a longer and better life
World Diabetes Day 14 November - Preventing diabetes - key to a longer and better lifeArticle

The prevalence of diabetes in adults is increasing worldwide, and it is predicted that by 2040, this condition will become one of the leading causes of death in South Africa...

Douglas Craythorne, Issued by Cipla 14 Nov 2018

Cholesterol lowering medication, Alirocumab, found to significantly reduce risk of heart attacks and strokeArticle

This Saturday 10 March, Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced the results of the ODYSSEY OUTCOMES trial, which tested the long-term effects of a cholesterol lowering drug in high cardiovascular risk patients who had recently experienced a heart attack.

Issued by Britespark Communications 18 Oct 2018

Increasing cholesterol medication adherence with financial incentives may be cost-effective
Increasing cholesterol medication adherence with financial incentives may be cost-effectiveArticle

A programme that offered financial incentives to both patients and their physicians to control low-density lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol could be a cost-effective intervention for patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease...

16 Oct 2018

Low-dose aspirin may lower ovarian cancer riskArticle

Women who reported recent, regular use of low-dose aspirin (100 milligrams or less) had a 23% lower risk of developing ovarian cancer when compared with women who did not regularly take aspirin...

12 Oct 2018

Anti-ageing drugs are coming - an expert explainsArticle

There will be almost ten billion people living on Earth by 2050 and two billion of them will be over the age of 60.

Richard Faragher 12 Sep 2018

Professor Annalise Zemlin. Photo: Damien Schumann
Getting the balance right in detecting diabetesArticle

Finding the right biochemical tests to detect diabetes mellitus earlier can reduce the heavy burden of this disease on the healthcare system and local communities...

Jorisna Bonthuys 10 Sep 2018

Dr Stanley Hazen
New class of drug could reduce cardiovascular riskArticle

A new class of drugs has the potential of reducing cardiovascular risk by targeting a specific microbial pathway in the gut...

13 Aug 2018

NCDs are the biggest killer in poorer countries
NCDs are the biggest killer in poorer countriesArticle

Contrary to the popular belief that parasites and infections are the biggest killers, people in developing countries are more likely to die from NCDs than their first world counterparts...

27 Jul 2018

Cardiovascular medication, Valsartan, recalled in SA
Cardiovascular medication, Valsartan, recalled in SAArticle

Certain medicines containing the active pharmaceutical ingredient, valsartan, have been recalled by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority...

25 Jul 2018

Bonitas announces best financial results in 35-year history
Bonitas announces best financial results in 35-year historyArticle

Bonitas Medical Fund has reported a solid surplus of R730.20m for 2017, recouping the R16.9m deficit from 2016...

Issued by Bonitas 25 Jul 2018

Pharma's role in NHI
Pharma's role in NHIArticle

In its current form, the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) is by no means perfect and there remains a lot of uncertainty...

24 Jul 2018

Response to HIV needs to change
Response to HIV needs to changeArticle

HIV is the epidemic of our time, with up to 38.8-million people living with the disease worldwide in 2015-2016, and around two-million new cases diagnosed in 2015...

23 Jul 2018

Poor quality health services are holding back UHC
Poor quality health services are holding back UHCArticle

Inaccurate diagnosis, medication errors, inappropriate or unnecessary treatment, inadequate or unsafe clinical facilities or practices, or providers who lack training prevail in countries of all income levels...

17 Jul 2018

The real secret to a healthy lifestyle? Purpose
The real secret to a healthy lifestyle? PurposeArticle

While diet and exercise are very important, health and wellness coach Reinhard Korb believes that the one true answer to a healthy life is purpose...

Issued by Nomadic Digital 21 Jun 2018

The desperate global need for medical diagnosticsArticle

Prince, a three-year-old boy, is brought to the emergency room in Monrovia, Liberia, with fever and a decreased level of consciousness. He is critically ill. He is treated for malaria...

Julia von Oettingen and Rajesh Vedanthan 12 Jun 2018

Keeping tabs on genetically modified crops
Keeping tabs on genetically modified cropsArticle

"Improving the nutritional quality of sorghum and pearl millet is important, but it is equally vital to determine whether altering the composition of these cereals may lead to unforeseen and/or undesirable consequences that may not be immediately obvious..."

Dr Alec Basson 7 Jun 2018

UCT research focus on combating poverty-related heart disease in Africa
UCT research focus on combating poverty-related heart disease in AfricaArticle

These programmes focus on combating diseases related to poverty, such as rheumatic heart disease, pericardial disease, cardiomyopathy and heart failure...

7 May 2018

Image source:
The urgency of curbing pollution from ships, explainedArticle

The International Maritime Organization, a United Nations agency that regulates global shipping, is writing new rules to curb greenhouse gas emissions from ships by 2050...

James J. Winebrake and James J. Corbett 17 Apr 2018

20 out of 65 Seedstars Summit finalists from Africa
20 out of 65 Seedstars Summit finalists from AfricaArticle

With the Seedstars World Summit taking place on Thursday, 12 April 2018, the organisers have announced the final 65 finalists that will get the chance to pitch their ideas on the global stage. 20 out of the 65 finalists are from Africa...

Ilse van den Berg 11 Apr 2018

Dr Caradee Wright, senior specialist scientist at the South African Medical Research Council
Climate change and its affect on healthcare systemsArticle

Between 2030 and 2050, climate change will result in 250,000 additional deaths per year...

5 Apr 2018

How innovation can contribute to food and nutrition security
How innovation can contribute to food and nutrition securityArticle

"We hope to produce so-called smart foods with extra health benefits that are safe, marketable, affordable, ready to eat and trendsetting."

Mologadi Makwela 3 Apr 2018

Photo: Shutterstock
Understanding Africa's diverse gene pool can help fight lifestyle diseasesArticle

Africa is home to about 16% of the world's population. That's 1.2 billion people. But the continent is disproportionately burdened by a double health challenge: infectious diseases and a recent increase in non-communicable diseases...

Michèle Ramsay 14 Mar 2018

Photo: Shutterstock
40% of Uganda's health centres don't stock drugs to treat chronic diseasesArticle

When the World Health Organisation created an essential medicines list in the early 2000s, the aim was to provide a list of medicines that should be made available and accessible to country's entire population...

Jeremy Schwartz and Mari Armstrong-Hough 8 Mar 2018

Photo: Delwyn Verasamy
The Ronald MacDonald socks aside...How serious is Cyril about South Africans' health?Article

The new commander-in-chief has made promises, but how likely is he to deliver?


German court could open way to bans on diesel cars
German court could open way to bans on diesel carsArticle

One of Germany's top courts will decide on Thursday whether some diesel vehicles can be banned from parts of cities like Stuttgart and Duesseldorf to reduce air pollution, a possible landmark judgement for the "car nation"...

20 Feb 2018

Image source:
Research shows shocking rise in obesity levels in urban Africa over past 25 yearsArticle

Rapid urbanisation and associated changes in people's lifestyle means Africa faces a growing obesity problem...

Dickson Amugsi 30 Jan 2018

Generic medicine usage continues to grow in SA
Generic medicine usage continues to grow in SAArticle

A change in patient perception and its cost-saving benefits have seen generic medicine use in South Africa reach 60%...

25 Oct 2017

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