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Healthcare News South Africa

GE HealthCare teams up with Axim Life Isotopes South Africa

GE HealthCare has joined forces with Axim Life Isotopes South Africa (Alisa) to expand provision of molecular imaging in South Africa with the delivery of two cyclotrons. These produce radioisotopes enabling the production of tracing agents used in molecular imaging scans.
Source: Suipplied.
Source: Suipplied.

The agreement is a joint venture between Life Healthcare and the Axim group of companies.

GE HealthCare will deliver the cyclotrons to Alisa's laboratory facility in Midrand, South Africa early next year, giving patients in Africa access to medical advancements.

Molecular imaging enables doctors and clinicians to see inside the body with a non-invasive process, helping to diagnose and treat diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurological diseases. It can allow early and precise diagnosis. It uses biomarkers to highlight molecular changes, which can sometimes alert doctors to possible disease.

Because of the relatively short half-lives of Pet radioisotopes, they must be created within hours of the patient’s scan. Thus, hospitals need to be a certain distance from the cyclotrons in order to get functioning isotopes for patients.

Expanding access to molecular imaging in South Africa

Eyong Ebai, general manager of the sub-Saharan Africa division of GE HealthCare said, “GE HealthCare is pleased to partner with Alisa. This collaboration will drive continuous innovation in molecular imaging agent production to improve access to radiopharmaceuticals in South Africa and help drive precision care in the region.”

Peter Goldberg, chairman of Axim group of companies said, “The creation of our new radiopharmacy in Midrand, housing two new GE cyclotrons, will provide a stable, reliable and consistent supply of fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG).”

Howard Marsh, chief financial officer of International, Life Healthcare said, “This will include other sought-after medical grade isotopes for all Pet-CT customers in southern Africa. This includes access to isotopes for oncology, cardiovascular, and neuro-degenerative diseases.”

Alisa is building on the established global collaboration in place between GE HealthCare and Life Healthcare.

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