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Sentiment cruises to a record high in the latest agribusiness confidence update
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How to narrow the big divide between black and white farmers in South Africa
Looming agriculture profit margin pressures ahead as rate hike cycle resumes
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MTBPS: Structural reforms, interventions vital for SA's agricultural sector
SA Canegrowers calls for sugar tax to be scrapped
Why proper estate planning for farmers is so important
Climate action in agribusiness could reduce emissions by up to 7%
Mahindra enters into the SA farming equipment business
Optimism high as farmers trod ahead to plant more in the new agriculture season
What EU's farm-to-fork strategy will mean for SA agriculture
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Sustained sharp upswing in fuel prices will trim agriculture profit outlook
IDC relief funding provides vital lifeline to SA canegrowers
Cotton farming becomes viable diversification option for SA canegrowers
Why SA's farmers need to invest in alternative energy sources
Global food price index rises further in September
2021 Innovation Award for Sustainable Food Systems winners announced
Stubbornly high meat prices lift food inflation in August 2021
Is localisation a cure for avian woes?
SA Olive Worker of the Year Award winners announced
Could SA's logistics crisis derail the citrus sector's stellar growth trajectory?
African farmers and agribusinesses need fair access to markets in face of climate change
SA agribusiness confidence retracts by 67 points in Q3 of 2021
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How the South African government can boost its credibility in the agricultural sector
Land Bank makes another loss, debt plan not yet finalised
Expropriation without compensation threatens agricultural sector
SA agri posts trade surplus in Q2 despite ongoing Covid challenges
Infrastructure investment gives Cape Winelands economy a boost
Sugar industry reiterates commitment to transformation
The future of insurance in South Africa's agricultural industry
Regional status to SA's rooibos tea can turn fortunes for crop
Regional status to SA's rooibos tea can turn fortunes for crop

Come December, when farmers near Cape Town harvest rooibos leaves, they will become the first generation to grow and sell a tea with a unique regional status, a designation awarded to other such products as French champagne or Irish whiskey...

Tanisha Heiberg and Mike Hutchings 12 Aug 2021

7 agribusiness tech trends to watch in 2021
Highlands Investments completes 8.5 tonne certified cannabis shipment to EU
Highlands Investments completes 8.5 tonne certified cannabis shipment to EU

The sale has resulted in the largest legal single sale delivery of medical grade cannabis in the world to date and follows a previously successful shipment of 176.5kg of THC flower exported to Europe in April...

12 Aug 2021

Call for South African entrepreneurs to participate in the Africa-Asia Business Partnership Forum
Another fuel hike negative for agriculture as we head into the new crop season
Homegrown battery manufacturer secures R20m investment
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Vinpro in court to save the wine industry
Citrus industry rolls out recovery plan amid riots
Northern Cape-based wind farms provide support, funding to youth-owned agribusiness
Zeerust Solar Farm to provide agri entrepreneurs with funding, mentoring
Small towns are collapsing across South Africa. How it's starting to affect farming
Feeding Africa from Africa: Smallholder farmers to leverage on AfCFTA
Last call for applications for AGCO Africa's agribusiness qualification
Global food prices rise at rapid pace in May
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