Warren Harding

Regional Director: Africa BBC Global News
Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Google talk:warren2121@gmail.com


Warren Harding is a public speaker, event Emcee and the presenter of BizTakeouts, the marketing and media show on 2oceansvibe radio. Each week Harding chats to the industry leaders and newsmakers from the African and South African marketing, media, digital and advertising industries. He is also the Business Development Director at John Brown South African, a branch of the world leading content marketing agency, John Brown Media.
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What I know for sure about podcasts

Earlier in the year, I wrote a piece for BizTrends 2016, titled 'The push for podcasts in 2016', where I looked at why I thought podcasts would be popping up more in 2016, what makes them so popular for listeners and why brands need to think about them...

By Warren Harding 26 Apr 2016

[BizTrends 2016] The 2016 podcast push in South Africa

Podcasts are not new and there has been much talk about them over the last 10 years. The turning point for podcasts came in 2006, when iTunes added podcasts to its menu...

By Warren Harding 25 Jan 2016

Facebook just did something you should know... it's about email

Facebook just made an announcement about the Facebook Messaging App, which has been kept pretty quiet, but I think it has a big long-term play for the social media giant...

By Warren Harding 7 Jul 2015

We are entering the next phase with Pinterest and Instagram

Exciting news in the social media world with two big announcements, one from Pinterest and one from Instagram...

By Warren Harding 9 Jun 2015

The state of e-commerce in South Africa

South Africa's e-commerce market, although still in its infancy, is gaining size and momentum...

By Warren Harding 14 Apr 2015

Is SEO still relevant?

I have been reading numerous articles the last while about how SEO is becoming less important, so I thought I would look at this...

By Warren Harding 6 Jan 2015

Make a difference

Purpose Driven Marketing is not a new term, but it's one I hear more and more. In one week, and I heard it or said it no fewer than nine times...

By Warren Harding 19 Aug 2014

[The Bookmarks 2013]: Biz Takeouts at the Awards

On 14 November 2013, the Artscape in Cape Town played host to the annual Bookmarks Awards. The awards showcase digital talent in South Africa and celebrate great work within the industry. (video)

By Warren Harding 18 Nov 2013

EFC Africa 25 back in Cape Town

On Thursday, 7 November, EFC Africa brings the action, the excitement and the thrills to Cape Town's Grand West Arena, for only the second time. Expect to see the arena filled with cheering fans of the EFC gladiators as they watch the clash of some of the country's greatest modern-day warriors.

By Warren Harding 4 Nov 2013

The future of category management

In an environment where products are jostling for shelf space and consumer attention, category management is key to ensuring your brand stands out among the clutter. But when you're unable to personally be in every store all the time, how do you keep control and manage your products remotely?

By Warren Harding 6 Aug 2013

Citizen Beer - Made with Honour

A relative new kid on the craft beer block, Citizen Beer has been around for about 9 months and is taking the South African craft beer market by storm.

By Warren Harding 29 Jan 2013

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