Tiffany Markman is a highly opinionated copywriter, writing trainer and speaker who has worked for over 350 clients worldwide over the last 15 years. She hates misplaced apostrophes, old-fashioned business writing and the word 'revert'. She loves generous paragraphing, art, skulls and black coffee. Connect with her on tiffany at tiffanymarkman dot co dot za, or visit

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Tiffany Markman
[Marketing & Media] I'm working on my Trends piece for 2013, and wondering how much flack I'm going to get for some of my positions. *deep breath*
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#BizTrends2019: The 2018 buzzwords I'm hoping won't make it to 2019
For true SEO, remember the human element
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You're probably using the word ‘revert' incorrectly
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Why does he talk like that? Seven language 'lessons' from The Donald
A pinch, a punch or business as usual?
Tiffany Markman
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