Thabiso Moloi

Account and content manager at Webfluential
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


An in-between introvert and extrovert, Thabiso is a curious individual who has interests in a number of topics including (but not limited to) influencer marketing, sports, technology and writing...
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Current employment

Account and Content Manager
Webfluential -
Have great content but no one is noticing it?

Ideating and crafting a great piece of content is one of the most fulfilling and great achievements for any content creator...

By Thabiso Moloi 16 Sep 2016

Proper use of branded social content under the spotlight

We've seen a number of articles around influencer marketing, but it's also subject to a set of laws and rules...

By Thabiso Moloi 31 Aug 2016

The ingredients to coming up with a great creative campaign

I was fortunate enough to attend and be part of an exclusive breakfast conference, thanks to Webfluential, hosted by The Creative Counsel a few weeks ago at The Venue in Melrose Arch...

By Thabiso Moloi 16 Aug 2016

Should social influencers get paid for the work they produce?

The debate of whether or not social influencers should get paid for the work they produce on behalf of brands seems to be a never ending one...

By Thabiso Moloi 29 Jul 2016

Influencer marketing to play a big role in the future of brands

A number of articles have been written before highlighting the importance of influencer marketing and why more brands and marketers should care and start taking notice...

By Thabiso Moloi 14 Jul 2016

The best kept marketing secret most brands and marketers aren't aware of

Many brands today have realised the importance of having social media presence and using that to engage and market to their customers...

By Thabiso Moloi 10 Jun 2016

A new type of consumer is slowly emerging

I recently read an interesting article on PR Weekly titled "the new influencers" which comprises of a new crop of individuals often referred to as Generation Z (commonly abbreviated to Gen Z)...

By Thabiso Moloi 1 Jun 2016

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