Sam Wright is a full-time content creator at - she is a gaming and technology blogger and YouTuber, as well as an Esports MC and broadcaster who went on to host some of South Africa's first million-rand competitions before heading overseas, where she has hosted at Gamescom (Europe's biggest gaming expo) and in China (for a $850,000 tournament). She currently consults to brands on how to reach a switched-on generation...
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Samantha Wright
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#BizTrends2018: Death to the influencer - a shift in word-of-mouth marketing

Influencer. The dirty word of 2017. It's interesting how the landscape shifts so quickly and in such a short period of time...

By Samantha Wright 8 Jan 2018

Who led the Durban July field online?

The Vodacom Durban July is, without a doubt, one of the red circled events on any of the local glitterati's calendars. South Africa flocks to Durban for a weekend of high fashion and horse racing...

By Samantha Wright 5 Jul 2016

What makes a piece of good brand content?

Over the course of 2015, we've seen thousands of influencer marketing campaigns run around the world...

By Samantha Wright 14 Dec 2015

You're not buying my opinion

Influencer marketing is new, it's different and with anything new and unknown, we need to box it in with our programmed thoughts and ideas...

By Samantha Wright 27 May 2015

It's time PR agencies, marketers to think smarter

It's time to start getting creative and utilising these "influencers" with clever campaigns targeted at those platforms. The opportunities are endless.

By Samantha Wright 12 Nov 2013

Take a step down the social media influencer route

Social media influencers are beginning to play a much larger role in brand communications in South Africa.

By Samantha Wright 30 Sep 2013

How to avoid social media management pitfalls

It's been harped on enough and smart SMEs have come to the social media party. It's a fantastic marketing tool to add to your brand building arsenal.

By Samantha Wright 12 Apr 2013

Five laws in content marketing

It'll likely upset a host of marketing folk who feel like they've discovered the next big thing, but let's be honest, content marketing isn't anything new.

By Samantha Wright 26 Feb 2013

The buzz around brand journalism

Brand journalism has become the buzzword in the marketing and PR profession. As the digital space takes over and marketing and PR campaigns gear themselves towards "engaging" with their customers, brand journalism is two words on everyone's lips. But what is it?

By Samantha Wright 23 Nov 2012

Social media 'experts'... copy that!

There has been a trend in the past few months for a multitude of small companies to pop up declaring expertise in social media. I'm starting to worry though. How many of these companies really understand the ins and outs of building (and maintaining) a brand?

By Samantha Wright 14 Aug 2012

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