Romy Paull

Creative Director, producer and production designer
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


"Show biz is in my DNA. With my creative super powers, I find solutions in 'off the wall' ideas & bring them to life. I'm what Geppetto is to Pinocchio & what the Blue Fairy is to Jeppetto. If we can dream it, we can do it." Romy is now freelancing after leaving her post as head of production at Stretch Experiential Marketing. Romy joined Stretch after working locally & internationally on unique experiential & special productions. Email moc.lluapymor@ymor Follow @RomySarah
Experiential marketing: production, a new work of smart

I couldn't help but be grateful for what the birth of experiential marketing has done for our profession. From a production perspective, there is now global recognition of a specialised multifaceted skillset that allows us to transcend the basic associations of toolkits and tape measures.

By Romy Paull 15 May 2012

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