Richard Mulholland is the founder of Missing Link (, a specialist conference and presentation strategy company. Rich's dynamic way of thinking took him from rigging lights at rock concerts to telling CEOs what and how they should present. A renowned speaker, strategist, creative thinker and capitalist punk, Rich is the guy you hire to make your presentation or conference rock. Email him on and follow him on Twitter at @RichMulholland and Missing Link at @presorockgods.
The Paid Piper: a cautionary (fairy) tale

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a big company called Hamelin. An evil witch came to the land and cursed the big company: "If you don't create some presentations/animate some adverts/make the corner of your logo curvy (pick applicable), everyone will have to work in dull cubicle farms for the rest of time."

By Richard Mulholland 13 Dec 2010

Your conference sucks: Part 3

Surprisingly, considering the time and effort that goes into everything else, a conference really is just a series of sequential presentations designed to fulfil a specific objective (read parts one and two). Now as nerdy as that sounds, it's the truth. So in this, the third and final article in the "your conference sucks" series, I'm going to focus on the sad bastard that is "the PowerPoint presentation".

By Richard Mulholland 1 Feb 2010

Your conference sucks: Part 2

In my first article on this subject, I focused on why conferences suck and what we need to do about it (adhere to our objectives). In this article, I will talk about some of the techniques we use to make our conferences kick more ass than yours.

By Richard Mulholland 12 Nov 2009

Your conference sucks: Part 1

I'm often asked what the difference is between a small business owner and an entrepreneur. To me it's simple - small business owners are driven by love and/or expertise in their chosen field; entrepreneurs look at that field from the outside and say, "This sucks; I think I can do it better." I'm an entrepreneur in the presentation and conference space, and I can safely say that it sucks.

By Richard Mulholland 21 Oct 2009

First annual SA Blogawards

With blogging growing in participation and credibility both internationally, and locally. It was time for the SA Blogging community to start celebrating some of its success - This celebration took the form of the SA Blogawards.

By Richard Mulholland 5 Apr 2005

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