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Pieter Engelbrecht is the business unit manager at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard enterprise company.
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5 ways to ensure a more profitable future in retail

It's clear that the retail landscape is in a state of major transformation. Thanks to disruptive technologies and changing consumer behaviour, traditional retailers are under increasing pressure...

By Pieter Engelbrecht 21 May 2019

How autonomous IT and security solutions will enable proactive IT departments

The cybersecurity of a business is still largely reliant on the people within each company's IT department...

By Pieter Engelbrecht 11 Apr 2019

Creating a GDPR Compliance Framework with security tech

There has been a lot of talk of GDPR over the last year, so organisations today understand the serious repercussions of non-compliance...

By Pieter Engelbrecht 26 Mar 2019

Why are CIOs and CISOs positions becoming more challenging?

CIOs and CISO's across industries are regularly moving between positions and companies because of a common mistake...

By Pieter Engelbrecht 31 Oct 2018

Mitigate WAN complexity with SD Branch

Technology has entrenched itself into the way we do business, becoming the fundamental foundation of virtually any organisation...

By Pieter Engelbrecht 18 Sep 2018

The smart hotel of the future: How to leverage IoT to create the guest experience

Regardless of the size or type of property, every hotel operator that wants to remain competitive and relevant will have to embrace IoT devices and related wireless innovations over the next year to enable next-generation guest experiences...

By Pieter Engelbrecht 25 Apr 2018

2018 hospitality IoT trends: Creating a home away from home

There's a seismic shift happening in the hospitality industry, forcing businesses to take their wireless infrastructure beyond just offering free Wi-Fi, to enabling next-generation guest journeys. Here are the four most important IoT and wireless trends for the coming year...

By Pieter Engelbrecht 8 Feb 2018

Securing the enterprise network with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) often throws up visions of a futuristic Earth, where self-aware robots are programmed to be ethical in their behaviour and protect human lives at all costs...

By Pieter Engelbrecht 21 Nov 2017

How to use real-time analytics to capatalise on the festive shopping season

Christmas is getting earlier and earlier every year and nothing symbolises the start of the Christmas shopping season better than Black Friday. While most of us are not that diligent, according to a recent survey, a growing number of consumers are beginning to start holiday shopping earlier every year, so how can we utilise consumer behaviour to be best prepared?

By Pieter Engelbrecht 1 Dec 2016

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