Nicholas Kuhne

Managing Director at Wunderbrand (Pty) Ltd
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Nicholas is the founder and group managing director of brand consultancy Wunderbrand. Having spent the past decade consulting to small and large companies in Africa, the Gulf and Sub Continent, Nicholas has built up a unique perspective and process of dealing with multinational businesses in less than ideal environments.

With a passion for building marketing and brand capacity in businesses wanting to raise their game in Africa, he believes that African growth can be driven more aggressively with indigenous brands.
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Uber is the Uber of Uber

The third and latest rebrand of Uber has removed all references to taxis and transport. It is a completely generic corporate identity and Nicholas Kuhne says he thinks this has been done very strategically...

By Nicholas Kuhne 20 Sep 2018

The Absa brand shambles

So, ABSA or Absa has had a long, long-awaited rebrand...

By Nicholas Kuhne 1 Aug 2018

Africa works

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players" - but what happens when the stage lights go out? The audience goes home quietly? Well, no...

By Nicholas Kuhne 26 May 2015

Building superbrands in Africa - an African brand perspective

Having spent the better part of 12 years traversing the continent as an ad and brand man, I have had the pleasure of seeing the quality and breadth of brands available to consumers in Africa increase...

By Nicholas Kuhne 16 Apr 2015

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