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Michael is the CEO of

He has over 23 years' experience in the ICT industry, has worked in multiple mobile network operators across Africa. These include Econet Wireless and Vodacom South Africa where he was instrumental in establishing the mobile advertising division. Michael was responsible for commercialising the successful Please Call Me service, as well as the tagged-on advertising messaging propositions.
Advice for a 24-hour pocket mobile plan

Imagine you had only 24 hours to put together a passable mobile marketing plan. What mobile tactics would you prioritise over a day because they are such non-negotiables?...

By Mike Laws 5 Dec 2018

Don't neglect the B side while the A side is playing

Mike Laws touch on how voice and text-based mobile communication have alternated in popularity throughout the history of GSM cellular and the implications for marketers...

By Mike Laws 24 Jan 2018

The opportunity that is the small screen

What's becoming clear from watching young coffee shop patrons, in particular, is that mobile technology is stepping in to fill certain voids and it's doing so at an extremely reasonable cost. ...

By Mike Laws 21 Apr 2017

The lofty view keeps us grounded in mobile fundamentals

With mobile marketing so focused on the usual metrics so integral to campaigns, sometimes it's worthwhile to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture...

By Mike Laws 25 Aug 2016

#MobileFocus: Where marketers 'fail' at mobile marketing

Marketers are falling short at a couple of significant mobile marketing strategies, says Mike Laws, CEO,

By Mike Laws 11 Jul 2016

Mobile 'have nots' catching up

It's fairly mind-blowing when one thinks that sub-Saharan Africa has progressed to such an extent that today millions of human beings access the worldwide web on their mobile phones...

By Mike Laws 2 Nov 2015

The humble text message: Perfectly designed for mobile marketing

Mobile technology continues to find great acceptance in South Africa with the country now an impressive number six in the world when it comes to adoption of the mobile web...

By Mike Laws 25 Sep 2015

Sold on mobile

Here's something for brand champions to think about as they consult their placement schedules this week: if one considers that 91% of mobile phone owners keep their phone within a one metre radius, 24 hours out of every day, why then do marketers bother with any other type of media?...

By Mike Laws 21 Aug 2015

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