Described as a Public Relations (PR) doctor by her peers, Madelain Roscher is the Managing Director of PR Worx, a full-service marketing-communications agency, which she established in 2001. With 22 years' in-depth industry experience based on an impressive consulting and corporate career, the firm has achieved remarkable successes under her leadership.
7 ways to create a productive corporate culture

The term "company culture" has been hurled around ad nauseam, but the constant mention of the phrase is evidence of how a positive company culture can create healthier organisations...

By Madelain Roscher 11 Oct 2018

When internet trolls come knocking - open the door

Social media is an amazing platform for engaging with your brand's audience. Do not let trolls, and disgruntled individuals steer you off course...

By Madelain Roscher 31 May 2018

Easy steps to effective crisis communication

Organisations and their brands need to take consumers into their confidence when facing a crisis. Although this seems straightforward, it is rarely the case...

By Madelain Roscher 3 Apr 2018

Dove blunder highlights the need for ethical transformation

The recent social media storm over Dove's latest advertising campaign bears testimony to the increasing power of social media platforms and how brands are being held accountable for their every move...

By Madelain Roscher 11 Oct 2017

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