John Davenport

Chief Creative Officer at Havas Southern Africa
Location:South Africa


John Davenport is the Chief Creative Officer at Havas Southern Africa.
The distribution of a vaccine is another example of how everything about Covid is very different if you're poor

Covid, like life, is very different for the poor. This applies to poor people as well as to poor countries...

By John Davenport, Issued by Havas Johannesburg 22 Dec 2020

What will the restaurant industry look like post-Covid?

Well the answer is, of course, that nobody knows, because nobody knows how a global epidemic plays out. But assuming that we don't end up in some apocalyptic scenario where old buttons are our only meaningful currency and we end up living on a diet of artisanal pool algae, there will be restaurants. And we will go to them. But what will the industry look like?..

By John Davenport, Issued by Havas Johannesburg 8 Oct 2020

Creativity and how it works/doesn't work in the WFH era

WFH also seems to work better for people who are more orgazised. People who don't suffer from ADHD. People who don't rely on social interactions as much. And people who don't need much new sensory input. All of which means that this new way of working is particularly tricky for one group of people: creatives...

By John Davenport 23 Jul 2020

In this time of crisis, brands should do, rather than say

To state the very obvious, our society is going through a hugely traumatic event at the moment. Society as a whole and people as individuals are hurting. Brands can either ignore this, or not...

By John Davenport 5 May 2020

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