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By JP Kloppers 6 Jul 2017

Social analysis shows majority of Americans against Trump's immigration order

Analysis of sentiment based social media points to the unpopularity of proposed Trump policies – such as the border wall and the so-called ‘Muslim ban' – contrary to findings of traditional polling...

By JP Kloppers 2 Mar 2017

Data analytics compares social media chatter surrounding Pizza Hut in UK vs SA

Using crowd integrated data analytics, BrandsEye recently investigated the social media chatter surrounding Pizza Hut...

By JP Kloppers 14 Dec 2016

Social media sentiment shows why customer expectations matter

Brands that fail to meet customers' high expectations may see their market share slide. Marketing is a multi-billion rand exercise in setting expectations...

By JP Kloppers 8 Dec 2016

When fame is no longer enough: Brand ambassadors in the age of social media

Starting in the 1940s and '50s, celebrity endorsements began changing the marketing landscape. Soap, shampoo, suntan lotion: Ronald Reagan himself endorsed a brand of cigarettes...

By JP Kloppers 5 Dec 2016

Will Trump stun the world? We ask social media

After an analysis of social media data, using a crowd-integrated sentiment-driven research approach, we have seen a possible shock arising in the conclusion of this unprecedentedly rancorous US election...

By JP Kloppers 8 Nov 2016

Human integration the key to accurate social media data

The digital age has fundamentally altered how we communicate - particularly via text. Be it a Tweet, online comment or Facebook post, we're constrained not only by the limits of language's written form, but often by a character limit...

By JP Kloppers 28 Oct 2016

The social phenomenon that is Black Twitter

If the term 'Black Twitter' leaves you scratching your head, you're not alone...

By JP Kloppers 26 Sep 2016

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