Experienced digital and marketing professional, with an interest in ecommerce, product development and customer experience. Started in the martch environment before moving into the retail environment at Zando, rising quickly into the management space first as the head of mobile and then heading up the groups marketing initiatives. Currently at one of South Africa's leading performance agencies, Incubeta, managing a client portfolio within the financial and retail space.
Tackling Black Friday in 2020

The 2020 version of Black Friday is less than six weeks away. Set for the 27 November this year's edition could be quite arguably one of the more important retail days of the past few years. Given the context of the year so far and the devastating impact the pandemic has had across the retail landscape...

By Graham Du Plessis 21 Oct 2020

#MobileCommerce: The growth of mobile shopping in South Africa

E-commerce is going from strength to strength in South Africa, more and more consumers are gaining confidence in making online purchases that are not solely limited to the likes of books, CDs, electronics, airline tickets and the like...

By Graham Du Plessis 13 Jul 2018

Start thinking in a 'mobile first' mindset

According to the latest November stats from Effective Measure, 'South Africa Online', a whopping 67.38% of unique browsers came from mobile itself...

By Graham Du Plessis 27 Dec 2017

The mobile landscape - looking at 2017 and what e-retailers could expect

Truth be told, we've been waiting for quite some time for the inevitable 'mobile boom' all the trend analysts, commentators and everyone in-between has been telling us about for the last six years...

By Graham Du Plessis 9 Dec 2016

Direct ad buying - Have relationships taken a backseat?

There is now no doubt with the advent of programmatic and real time bidding (RTB) the nature in which brands & agencies relationships with publishers has changed...

By Graham Du Plessis 17 Nov 2016

Where to for display?

It's a question I have begun to see more often, certainly from a South African context, and it got me thinking, has the banner ad had its days in the sun..?

By Graham Du Plessis 8 Feb 2016

Is it time for brands to jump on-board with programmatic buying?

Programmatic buying or RTB (real-time bidding) has ceased to be that concept or 'new channel' confined to the likes of the US and Europe, or let's just say the 'developed markets'...

By Graham Du Plessis 11 Jan 2016

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