Reamogetse Motsepe, better known as Gee. Gee's career spanned across the scenes of traditional and digital playgrounds of the public relations industry. Not only did his career kick-start a couple of years back, however, he's invested so much time and energy in learning, exploring and establishing relationships in the industry that has contributed to the success of his career.
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#BizTrends2020: Consuming media and living the dream

With the greatest anticipation that the African marketing and communication industry will thrive and strengthen in the foreseeable future, it is important to note that the way we as South Africa and the greater continent consumes media will determine the speed at which we progress as a nation in that regard...

By Gee Motsepe 21 Jan 2020

The PR industry is the most fortunate in today's world

Gee Motsepe, managing director of Motions PR, on why he thinks the PR industry is the most fortunate in the entire marketing and advertising ecosystem...

By Gee Motsepe 8 Jul 2019

Including influencers in your campaign is essential

Gee Motsepe writes about why brands should be looking at including influencers in their marketing budgets...

By Gee Motsepe 29 May 2018

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