Diane Brown

Travel writer and social media marketer The Roaming Giraffe
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Travel writer, photographer, story teller. Africa lover, responsible travel.
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Current employment

travel writer
Freelance - https://t.co/YS7Stk9QZ4?amp=1
Present - Cape Town
Travel to find and write stories, create content for destinations.Travel campaigns, social media marketing. Writing social media content for various clients, writing articles for travel magazines in print and digital. Copywriting for websites.
Diane Brown
Preparing for a post-Covid-19 era in the tourism industry
What a great piece Mariette. Thoughtful, practical and real. Some excellent advice for all in the tourism sector. Together we can build this industry up again. Just as big, but different and better.
Posted on 25 Mar 2020 18:07
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