Daan Du Toit

Co-founder and Managing Director of Mark 1 Media
Location:South Africa


Daan Du Toit is the co-founder and MD of Mark1, a full service media agency part of the proudly 100% Black-owned Duke Group of companies.
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#BizTrends2021: Fish where the fish are in 2021

While writing this I am glad that I did not make any predictions for 2020 as I am sure that they would have all been incorrect. I fear that this year might be equally difficult to predict with many uncertainties...

By Daan Du Toit 22 Jan 2021

Most users won't mind ads, if they are relevant, timely and of good quality!

A few years ago, it was hard to get through a meeting without someone throwing the term "big data" around. Today, we all still cringe when we hear that phrase, and the most annoying part is that those who talk about big data, usually don't have a solid understanding of what it really means...

By Daan Du Toit, Issued by Mark1 21 Aug 2018

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