Chris Botha

Group Managing Director, The MediaShop
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Chris Botha is Group Managing Director, The MediaShop, Johannesburg. Chris started his life in media when he was a student at the University of the Free State. He ran the local campus radio station (RSFM) and was the proud presenter of the sport show.
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The dilemma of leadership in the advertising and media industry

How are leaders in our industry chosen? Often, the position goes to someone who is 'likeable' and a natural 'people's person'. Oh, and often very good at their job. But is that the real qualities that we need in a leader? I don't think so...

By Chris Botha 16 May 2019

The impact of corruption on your media rand

Chris Botha discusses the effects of corruption on the media and advertising industry...

By Chris Botha 11 Apr 2019

Why the wall?

Chris Botha, group managing director of Park Advertising discusses why Wall Breakers will be the real change-makers in 2019...

By Chris Botha 16 Jan 2019

5 things that keep the advertising industry stagnant

Chris Botha, group managing director of park advertising says that the advertising industry is remaining stagnant in some areas and that this will negatively impact us all...

By Chris Botha 31 Dec 2018

Digital monopolies and the global economies that are benefitting

The South African lexicon and news has been filled with a bunch of new phrases over the past few years. These include "monopolies", "foreign capital" and "local first" which are all "symptoms" of a consumer market kicking back against what appears to be the product of a global economy...

By Chris Botha 7 Jun 2017

What to expect in 2017

I was tempted to write this article in the same style of that famous joke book "Everything that men know about women". This massively thick book, when opened, displays a multitude of blank pages...

By Chris Botha 29 Sep 2016

The Renaissance period is back and it's brilliant

I recently read about the Renaissance period, and couldn't help but feel that it resembles so much of what we are going through today...

By Chris Botha 17 May 2016

The frog in the pot

Wow, how fast the world changes! This fact was made more evident once again when a few days ago, my mentor and friend, Harry Herber gave me a copy of the March 1998 Advantage magazine. (Remember it, courtesy John Farquhar?)...

By Chris Botha 2 Dec 2015

Content owners are here to stay

I'm not concerned about the future of newspapers because I foresee a rosy future for the medium.

By Chris Botha 9 Jul 2013

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