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CEO at Rogerwilco
Boost your sales in a bear market

Charlie Stewart, Rogerwilco's CEO, explains how by making small changes to your digital marketing you can reap big rewards...

By Charlie Stewart 15 Feb 2019

Voice-based search: Act now to be heard

Think your current SEO tactics are enough to get you organic search traffic? With voice search gaining traction, the game is about to change...

By Charlie Stewart, Issued by Rogerwilco 12 Sep 2017

Digital marketing and dark social traffic

Charlie Stewart sheds a bit of light on dark social which is a growing nuisance for digital marketers who are keen to attribute the source of web traffic and its potential to deliver online sales...

By Charlie Stewart 28 Jul 2017

Native content - a brand's dilemma

The phrase 'native content' sends shivers down my spine, leaving me terrified and dumbfounded in equal measure...

By Charlie Stewart 29 Sep 2016

How quality content can seal the B2B deal

This is a summary of a talk I recently gave at The Marketing Indaba 2016 in Cape Town on 25 May...

By Charlie Stewart 27 May 2016

B2B marketing: Time to catch a wake-up

Scratch a bit on the surface of the current South African business-to-business (B2B) marketing landscape and it's easy to believe that you've found a portal into a pre-internet world...

By Charlie Stewart 10 May 2016

The survival of independence

Many of the conversations I've had in recent months - be they with media, clients, staff or other agencies - have touched on the relevance of the independent digital agency...

By Charlie Stewart 12 Jun 2015

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