Cebolenkosi Xulu

Brand Intelligence Assistant at Ornico Media & Freelance Graphic Designer
Location:Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


I am so passionate about design, brand development and media. I really enjoy building brands and being part of a successful ventures. Getting into advertising is my goal
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Cebolenkosi Xulu
Gotta build my BizCommunity profile proper this weekend... too much oppurtunity I'm wasting
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Cebolenkosi Xulu
My dear unemployed communications graduate - an open letter
Absolutely amazing! I never thought anyone else went through this! Great article... I've just gotten a job in "the industry" and I will forward this to my many friends still in the struggle! I also believe the art of freelancing should be practised otherwise the kids will starve! I know it kept me alive!
Posted on 24 Aug 2012 10:59
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