Carey van Vlaanderen

CEO of ESET Southern Africa
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


    Carey van Vlaanderen is CEO of ESET Southern Africa. ESET is a global provider of security software for enterprises and consumers and is dedicated to delivering instant, comprehensive protection against evolving computer security threats.
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    A cybercriminal's tricks and trades to get into your phone

    While analysts figure out new methodologies for analysing malware and users begin to understand how all this works, cybercriminals are seeking new ways to hide in phones and compromise devices, says Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO of ESET Southern Africa...

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 23 Mar 2018

    What is encryption, how does it work and why is it important?

    More than any other security topic, encryption seems to perplex a lot of people. Many may have seen it within their WhatsApp and view encryption as being infinitely complicated..

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 6 Mar 2017

    Five common security threats that demand attention

    From a corporate standpoint, security is a process that requires management and support for key areas of the organisation. The challenge is never-ending, and security teams have to cover...

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 9 Mar 2016

    Face 2016 with a proactive attitude of security awareness

    It is a fact that cyber attacks are growing more sophisticated. Protecting a company's information and data seems to be an arduous and complicated task...

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 22 Jan 2016

    Business security: is simpler better?

    While some companies can be pretty strict about their cyber security policies, and risk that at the end of the day this might be counterproductive...

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 13 Oct 2015

    How to keep your children safe online

    Very few parents use parental controls on internet-enabled devices bought for their children, leaving youngsters potentially exposed to online threats...

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 3 Sep 2015

    Five systems admin relationship tips

    If you've spent much time interacting with system administrators, you know how unlikely it would be for them to host a relationship-fixing TV show...

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 13 Aug 2015

    Five questions to ask yourself before clicking on a link

    In today's world of advancing cybercrime, URL's can lead to password and data theft, as well as drive-by-download malware attacks...

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 24 Jul 2015

    Criminals are targeting SMEs to file fraudulent tax returns

    It is a well-known fact that attackers like to find low hanging fruit in order to get into an organisation's juiciest targets...

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 22 Jul 2015

    A cybersecurity survival guide for small businesses

    Perhaps the most important single thing that small businesses need to know about cyber threats right now is that cyber criminals are actively targeting smaller firms...

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 22 Jun 2015

    What is a botnet and how does it spread?

    A botnet is a network of computers infected with malware that responds to an attacker to perform any activity they want...

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 8 Apr 2015

    Security lessons learned from Sony's most notorious hack

    In late November 2014, Sony was the victim of a cyber-attack that involved the release of stolen data, including yet-to-be-released films...

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 10 Feb 2015

    Facebook Messenger: Handing over your privacy

    Users of the iPhone and Android versions of Facebook's app will have found that, when trying to get into messenger, they are directed to download a second app, Messenger that will allow you person-to-person messages.

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 15 Aug 2014

    Social media: Stay safe online

    Social media has more than its fair share of malicious content - here are some tips on how to avoid it, and keep your children out of harm's way.

    By Carey van Vlaanderen 12 Jun 2014

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