Alan Hockey is the Operations Director at Corner Bakery. With more than 10 years operational experience in senior management positions in the Momentum Group of companies, he left the corporate world to become an Executive Trainer and Business Consultant with a multi-national business process improvement consultancy. Alan leveraged his operational experience and business improvement consultancy skills into developing and refining the bakery operational processes and optimising the IT systems.
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A no-fail way to get your product to market

Hopefully I caught your attention with a promise to get your product to market without failing. I have possibly, erroneously I might add, have made the whole process seem very simple, where it is actually quite complex...

By Alan Hockey 12 Sep 2019

The core of food safety is centralised bakery facilities

There is generally little outside recognition for a well thought out and perfectly executed plan of food safety until there is the smallest gap in the journey from farm to fork...

By Alan Hockey 8 Aug 2019

5 reasons why your next investment should be a franchise

I am not about to make the evening news by letting you know that franchises are more likely to succeed than independent businesses...

By Alan Hockey 3 Jul 2019

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