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#BeautifulNews: No path? No problem. The world is this skateboarder’s playground
Jean-marc Johannes designs his own rules. On his skateboard, he carves a playground out of the city of Cape Town. “No one can define my capabilities but me,” Johannes says. His attitude is his eternal win. But it comes with a background of crashes and falls – one that goes much deeper than failed tricks on a board. Johannes initially wanted to be an athlete. But traditional sports just didn’t give him enough space to move. So at the age of nine, Johannes turned to skateboarding and took control of his destiny. Read Jean-Marc Johannes' full story...
9 May 2019 08:55
#BeautifulNews: Pick your flowers and eat them too. This forager shows us how
Roushanna Gray takes a bite of a delicate blossom. It’s not unusual to see her include buds, petals and leaves that she’s foraged in her meals. “In fynbos, there are so many different types of edible and medicinal species,” Gray says. South Africa’s biodiversity is as abundant as it is breathtaking. Centuries ago, local foliage served as people’s diets. Today, among artful food trends, indigenous blooms are returning to modern palates. Read Roushanna Gray's full story...
2 May 2019 11:13
#BeautifulNews: Empowerment is as simple as learning to ride a bike
Lebogang Mokwena only learnt to ride a bicycle at the age of 30. When she did, it changed her life. Her newfound skills opened up a world of freedom and accessibility. But many miss out on the chance, having never owned a bicycle. “Not everyone’s childhood is the same,” Mokwena says. So she’s made it her mission to level the playing field by offering mobility to others. It all begins with teaching people how to ride. Read Lebogang Mokwena's full story...
30 Apr 2019 13:33
#BeautifulNews: It’s time to own your place at the table
See those stylish images on social media? They don’t portray the diversity of this world. As a fashion photographer, Justin Dingwall recognised a lack of inclusivity. But he had the power to take action. “I believe I have responsibility to change conversations,” Dingwall says. So he began teaming up with people who don’t fit the standard, people with stories to tell. His collaborations allow a person’s individuality to inform aesthetics. The result is a deconstruction not just of perceptions, but societal beliefs. Dingwall seeks to bring deliberately ignored topics to the surface. “It is important to have a message within my work,” he says. When Thando Hopa approached him to do a shoot, Dingwall turned his camera to the narrow ideas of beauty. Read Justin Dingwall's full story...
25 Apr 2019 11:12
#BeautifulNews: The mobile app responding to a silent education crisis
Listen up. You may have a hearing problem. But it takes less than two minutes to figure that out thanks to De Wet Swanepoel. He’s the inventor of a nifty phone application that detects difficulty hearing. It’s changing lives, particularly for the younger generation. “Children who don’t hear well can’t learn well and as a result, can’t perform in a school environment,” Swanepoel says. Without affordable healthcare, something as common as a slight hearing problem can go undetected and become a barrier to education. “It costs a fortune to have your hearing checked and I knew I had to do something,” Swanepoel says. Read De Wet Swanepoel's full story...
23 Apr 2019 12:55
#BeautifulNews: Crunching numbers is child’s play for this maths genius
Stiaan Scheepers starts his day doing what most kids fear – maths. Addition, subtraction, fractions and division are child’s play to him. Scheepers is a nine-year-old mathematical prodigy capable of crunching complex sums at exhilarating speeds. Numbers don’t intimidate Scheepers. Not when he’s faced far worse. Read Stiaan Scheepers' full story here..
18 Apr 2019 07:29
#BeautifulNews: Why these kids won’t give up on golf
For children used to the fast-paced thrill of soccer, golf can be pretty boring. This left Prince Modiba with a challenge: how do you get kids interested in the sport? When he began coaching youth in Soweto, he had to build their curiosity and skills from the ground up. But Modiba managed to pique their attention, motivating the kids to come back and learn more. In a community where golf used to be inaccessible, Modiba is giving them the chance to swing for success. Read Prince Modiba's full story...
16 Apr 2019 12:57
#BeautifulNews: B-boying spins this community in a fresh direction
For the b-boys of Eerste River, coming together begins with breaking. Hip-hop pumps through the neighbourhood, drawing people to the source of the sound. At the axis of the gathering is Dmitri Nell. The professional b-boy switches effortlessly between backflips, head spins, and jaw-dropping footwork. Nell moves to influence the youth of his community with this unique style of dance. “Where I come from, we are exposed to gang violence from a young age,” Nell says. Fiercely talented, he is battling criminal activity from the dance floor. “Breaking saved me,” he says. “It can save this community.” Read Dmitri Nell's full story...
11 Apr 2019 13:17
#BeautifulNews: Lights, camera, pap! From domestic worker to celebrity chef
Siphokazi Mdlankomo’s culinary skills are on fire. Her passion for preparing exquisite meals carries her through life. A domestic worker for 15 years, Mdlankomo had a great relationship with the family she worked for. But not every domestic worker has the same experience. Miniscule incomes and undervalued labour imbibe thousands with resigned dreams. But Mdlankomo had the gall to shoot high. Today, she’s dishing South Africa fresh faith and a feast of home-cooked love. Read Siphokazi Mdlankomo's full story...
9 Apr 2019 12:13
#BeautifulNews: Talent and legend meet to level the playing field
Gary Kirsten knows all about winning. For years, the former Protea was one of the nation’s favourite opening batsmen. In 2011, he coached India to Cricket World Cup victory, shooting his status as a cricketing icon out of the park. But Kirsten’s most recent win has been the hearts of Khayelitsha. There, he realised that real talent can come from any background, but not everyone gets the same opportunities in life. The local hero turned his attention to youth who have no access to professional sports training. “Cricket has done so much for me,” Kirsten says. “I want to pass on my skills to the future of South African cricket.” Read Gary Kirsten's full story...
4 Apr 2019 12:49
#BeautifulNews: A cinematic glimpse into the splendour of the Cape Flats
Not one second passes Lindsey Appolis by unnoticed. He sees the everyday beauty that’s often clouded by perceptions and preconceived notions. Camera in hand, he’s exposing the splendour around him – particularly of the Cape Flats. “My photographic style is cinematic,” Appolis says. “I’m giving you a glimpse into my memories and how things look to me.” Having grown up here, Appolis is resolute to show his community in a new light. Read Lindsey Appolis' full story...
2 Apr 2019 13:01
#BeautifulNews: These tortoises owe their lives to a quick-thinking teen
Tiny hooves pounded the earth. Terrified animals were desperately fleeing the crackling flames as raging fires devoured Hermanus. All Corné Uys could think of was whether they’d make it out alive. The teenage conservationist realised that the slowest animals had the slightest chance of survival. “When I got home from school, it hit me – this is the biggest fire Hermanus has ever seen,” he says. Distressed families bundled their belongings and sped away from the streams of smoke overshadowing their houses. Instead, Uys packed his father’s car with emergency supplies and raced out into the blaze. He had tortoises to save. Read Corne Uys' full story...
28 Mar 2019 12:58
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