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Get media exposure for your small business with Ad Crashers

Riverbed, a marketing and communications agency, has officially launched its Ad Crashers initiative which will help small businesses affected by Covid-19 get back on their feet as South Africa gradually reopens its economy.
Monalisa Zwambila, Riverbed CEO
Monalisa Zwambila, Riverbed CEO

The agency will develop through-the-line advertising campaigns for hard-hit small businesses. By partnering with big media owners, Riverbed will be able to give these businesses the same level of national and regional media exposure as big brands, for free. Riverbed’s investment alone is in excess of R1 million.

The Ad Crashers campaign which is endorsed by the Small Business Institute of South Africa, seeks to support small business in two ways. Firstly, by providing big media exposure to stimulate demand for their products or services through access to a wider market and secondly, as a second phase of the initiative by leveraging and integrating big business programmes that can help support the small businesses that come to our website.

To deliver on the scale needed to succeed, Riverbed has partnered with Mindshare to support the campaign as strategic partners. Riverbed has already received media inventory commitments from big out-of-home players that include JC Decaux and Provantage Media Group, Vodacom and Kaya FM. All partners have committed to providing access to their owned media platforms which will go a long way in generating much-needed exposure.

“Our experience as an award-winning full-service agency places us in a great position to offer marketing support to help small businesses,” says Monalisa Zwambila, Riverbed CEO. “As a business owner myself, this initiative is especially close to my heart. I understand the challenges that small businesses are facing and believe that solutions will come from knowing that our continued success as a business, is intimately linked to how we show up with support in times like this.”

National media exposure

The Ad Crashers Initiative will be executed nationally across various media inventory such as radio, out-of-home and digital platforms, with campaigns and media tailored to suit business needs. This will be especially crucial as lockdown levels are scaled back.

The success of this campaign will be further amplified by public participation and part of its task will be to galvanise South Africans to deliberately support small businesses, and in so doing play their part in reducing what is likely to be a grave economic situation.

Riverbed is calling for applications from entrepreneurs who feel they can make effective use of the Ad Crashers support mechanism.

“We have made a commitment to provide organisations with much-needed support. The real impact, however, will come from partnering with big business and society at large to rally around supporting small businesses, and in so doing, we can provide some relief in the aftermath of the Covid-19 economic crisis,” concludes Zwambila.

Follow @AdCrashers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and use #SupportSmallBusiness to join the conversation.

For more information, go to www.adcrashers.co.za.

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