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Pandemic Recovery: Entrepreneurial revolutions and economic survival

Right now, the only positive frontiers around the world are small and large clusters of entrepreneurial communities humming and moving forward. Such fertilizations require neither feasibility studies nor entrepreneurial degrees, just sandboxes for four-dimensional thinking to tackle problems seek real pragmatic solutions helping humankind and global needs. Such untapped thinking in abundance brings light in desolated, isolated pandemic recovery zones as signs of hope.
Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed

Compounded by common sense, the upside-down world needs a big shakedown, executed and enforced by new thinking of change, where critical thinking and complex problem solving identifies mistakes of past and open new pathways. The rest is easy.

Warm facts and cold realities

  • Those who handle paper trails are clerks, now job-less.
  • Those who execute paper trails are executives, now, office-less.
  • Those who eliminate paper trails are digitalists, now remote.
  • Those who guide digitalists are global age thinkers, now new entrepreneurs.
  • Those who only watch global age thinkers are modern slaves, the bureaucracies.
  • Those who replicate modern slaves are our new robots, the blockchain-savvy robots.
  • Those who ride progressive trends and changes are new masters, the next leaders.

    Ride the change, digitize, deploy and mobilize...and lead your nation.

Why understanding of pandemic landscape by public sectors of the world so critically essential?
Why nation-by-nation, upskilling of governments and institutional bodies is far more important?
Why digital platforms on upskilling will solve such serious deficiencies on fast track basis?

  • 50% downtown of the world may not survive,
  • 50% of tall office towers may go empty,
  • 50% of office workers may work remote,
  • 50% downtown retail shops may not survive,
  • 50% economies may lose a decade to recover.

The march of billion: National leaderships have limited time. The next item on the global agenda is to cope with billion jobless, workless, officeless, masked and unmasked working citizenry marching on the main boulevards of the world. They are looking for something more than a press conference or a well-rehearsed teleprompter show; they are not concerned being locked-in but rather locked-out of any future and prosperity.

They already know the limitations of their local governments and therefore seeking some intelligent, workable, honest answers and long-term plan of the future. They come in disappointments as their degrees and experience are not tradeable, they carry the burden of debt, guilt and sorrows, and they linger in sadness but seek truth and answers. They have real issues.

Futurism is workless: Humans increasingly to work only on...creative and critical thinking, complex problem solving, and global age understanding of collaborations, dealing with diversity, tolerance and mental endurance to manage all such as tactically entrepreneurial warrior… most work of management, mundane, routine and requiring progressive approvals left to blockchain-savvy robots.

This simple notion backed by global technologies and now endorsed by Covid-19 as the only office-working model for going forward. The deeper study required by corner office holders as downtown goes dim and suburbia shine and how this will open amazing new venues to professionalize sleeping hobbies and create sand-boxes.

Current challenges: What percentage of institutionalised trade groups like top trade associations and chambers of commerce of sorts require their own upskilled to cope with such landscapes and acquires special digital platform skills to help train and uplift their entire vertical sectors to become capable of standing up to global age competitiveness to balance prosperous economies.

Technology is never to blame: Political leadership in most developed nations addicted to globalisation forget the human inter-phase with cyber-electro-ergonomics; human-performance advancements on higher plateaus while fully supported by technologies. Abandoned over decades, as YouTube students billions now left behind. The mass-merchandising formatted dumb-down education critically absence of tactical training surrounded by fake economies now created the largest pools of depression, stress and mental-health as a major problem at work in Western economies, a perfect storm appears.

The solutions: How to deploy entrepreneurialism across working citizenry, but definitely not as a university course, as nations have already tried hard but failed. Nations, at the same time, created best armies but only because not trained in classrooms, drawing pictures of tanks and playing with water pistols, they were sleeping in woods and digging trenches all night in the rain. Classrooms colourful post-it note sessions and singsongs need replacements with tactical battlefield formation training on entrepreneurialism. Study “Fake Entrepreneurialism” Replace the humdrum outdated slow-motion studies to 24x7x365 intense global age commercialization and exportability programs on innovative excellence. Study “National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols”

A harmonized world with upskilled citizenry and trading is good for all. The questions asked about 200 nations and percentage of their Ministries of Industry Trade and Commerce and Small Business Enterprises if they have their teams skilled enough and ready for such transformations. Upskilling of the public sector is often the number one priority. Explore high power senior leadership transformation programs for digital age mobilization.

  • When was the best time to “digitize”...it was a decade ago.
  • When was the best time to “design”...it was also years ago

Latecomers harshly punished. Now on new landscapes...nations are gasping. Although, some countries have special combinations, well connected global diaspora, entrepreneurial mindset, seeking their digital platforms on upskilling and uplifting 1000 to 100,000 SMEs on innovative excellence and exportability? Lack of expertise on digitisation execution and mobilisation are serious issues. No other time, the role of women entrepreneurs and upskilling of women groups became top of the agenda issues on pandemic recoveries, as now.

This is also the best time to have national and global zoom discussions to start intelligent debates and eliminate silence and fears.

The rest is easy.

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About Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Canadian Think tank focused on National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism on Platform Economies.

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