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Changing your business app from 'zero' to 'hero'

Over these years, everything seems to have changed to a great extent even the way we use smart devices. According to several reports, more and more users are seen downloading business apps instead of browsing the web.
Olivia Diaz works at, an enterprise level web and mobile application development company
As a result, businesses especially one with media-related websites are found having dedicated apps now including the likes of YouTube and DailyMotion. This certainly highlights the significance of mobile apps.

Numbers say it all. With growing numbers, there is no reason left for not having a mobile app of your own. According to Stav Zilbershtein, CEO of, mobile apps are the future.

First laptops replaced desktops, and now laptops have been replaced by mobile devices that largely use mobile apps. We're entering the future, and mobile apps are going to be the norm.”

Below, I state the reasons how mobile apps can help your business grow.

#1 Better branding

Mobile apps can help you in achieving success when the brand you’re trying to promote is you. Other than increasing brand awareness, apps have the potential to make people more loyal. I mean, it becomes extremely difficult to forget something like a business name or logo on the end user’s screen. How can one forget mobile apps these days with a wide range of features such as push notifications?

Don’t forget to remind users of a special offer to attract their attention. In addition to this, you can try getting more personal with the help of notifications like 'you haven't had your favourite pizza in three weeks, open the app to order now.'

At the same time, you also need to take into account that such personal branding will work only if you have the right details or understanding about your customer.

#2 Enhance customer engagement

One of the best ways, in fact, the easiest way to engage with your customers is by offering apps according to their requirements.

Right from taking relevant suggestions to feedback to having full-fledged conversations, several decisions such as 'what to see,' 'what to wear' and even 'what to eat', based on the app, can work wonders for you. As a result, businesses have a great opportunity to engage customers and get the desired outcome.

More and more users are seen using apps on a severe scale - the engagement rate becomes higher automatically. All that is required it to open the app and to get the desired result within a few seconds. One of the easiest ways to increase engagement is by allowing social media sharing.

#3 Happier customer with a better experience

Of course, it is a universal fact that mobile apps help customers to save time and energy to a great extent. Today’s user wants everything in one click, whether it’s to make an order or book a movie ticket. Also, several universities are found allowing students to access their transcript and schedules with the help of mobile apps. It's so cool!

Tips for creating successful mobile apps for your business

  1. Market Research

    The profitability can be gauzed easily from the number of apps. With more and more biz-apps growing at an exponential rate; they simply act as a single platform useful when it comes to promoting a brand/product, give an ad, offer rebates or codeshare for freebies.

    Also, it offers a fantastic range of processes, but it is crucial to remember that for ultimate success you need to understand that market research and feasibility are absolutely vital. Hundreds, if not thousands, of biz-apps are found being downloaded, and some of them fail miserably. Anything can be the reason - either its because the consumer may undermine its actual utility and relevance, or the app has been unable to bring anything new compared to its competitors in the market.

  2. Improvise and innovate

    Do you really think that the feasibility report reveals a way to bridge a gap (improvise) or add (innovate)? If so, then go ahead, and nothing can stop you from creating one.

    I am pretty sure that it will answer all the pain points of the consumers which will be appreciated by them in return.

  3. Integrate ASO updates

    Do you think that building an app alone is enough? Probably not! To acquire revenue to run the business to a higher level. However, this is possible if you are adaptive to the modifications made by platforms such as Google and Bing. This will help your app more visible while offering solutions to end users.

    The only point to keep in mind is that the updates need to be done promptly for a better outcome. After all, it’s your duty to make sure that the app is compatible enough with different app stores.

  4. M-marketing is Gaining Traction

    If you check out in the peak season, its the perfect time for your product to go public/live. Try developing and launch the app a little before that and script out all the marketing strategies. Do not forget to align them together for best results. Ensure to make use of optimisation searches. Also, try using social media tactics as this is the best ways to capitalise on this is by having a mobile app.
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About the author

Olivia Diaz is working at, an enterprise level web and mobile application development company. Being a tech geek, she keeps a close watch over the industry focusing on the latest technology news and gadgets.