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Snapchat hits a tipping point as most popular social network for teens

Last week, a significant tipping point was reached in the battleground that is social media with the news that upstart network Snapchat is now 'the most important social network amongst us teens', narrowly beating out Instagram for the title.

It is indeed a narrow margin, 28% of teens polled for Snapchat while 27% preferred Instagram. But the title now sits with Snapchat and the arc of the curve indicates that it is only going to be extending its lead in the coming months and years. According to Business Insider, “the app increased its popularity among teens by 9 percentage points from Fall 2015 to Spring 2016, the greatest increase of all social media platforms in the poll”.

And for every winner there has to be a loser. Unsurprisingly, in the social wars, the loser at the moment appears to be Twitter. While it still ranked third in popularity overall, its numbers were down six percent from a year ago, making it the biggest loser and the likely source of a number of Snapchat converts. Facebook’s popularity amongst teens appeared to be rebound somewhat in the survey, up from 14% to 17%...

Click through to the full article on Memeburn.

About Jeremy Daniel

Jeremy Daniel is the editor of, and a firm believer in the transformative power of mobile technology for emerging markets. Jeremy has written across various media platforms for the last 10 years, from television to advertising to print before making the permanent cultural leap into online journalism. Follow him on Twitter at @jeremytdaniel.



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