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Why DaaS is IT's new best friend in the hybrid working world

With the expansion of hybrid work models, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is quickly becoming an indispensable component of IT. Most business leaders view DaaS as a key enabler of secure work within their organisation, and more than 50% have or plan to implement it in the year ahead. This is according to a recent global survey.
Image source: hitesh choudhary from
Image source: hitesh choudhary from Pexels

Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Mark Bowker says businesses want a modern and secure desktop, application, and data delivery strategy that reflects the reality of how users work and can keep up with the rapid change of business applications and devices, without amplifying the management and security burden that already weighs heavily on IT shoulders.

DaaS possesses the unique combination of attributes that appeals to businesses across industries: improved time to value, cost reduction, and enhanced security.

DaaS business and technology needs are different for every organisation. Some customers need to balance their existing data centre resources with cloud expansion goals, and others are new to DaaS and embarking on a cloud-first initiative with their hyperscaler of choice.

Using a DaaS solution, IT can:

  • Enhance the user experience - Provide consistent, simple, access to the apps and data employees need to get work done, wherever it needs to get done.
  • Improve productivity – Serve up unified, one-click access to work resources that empower employees to perform at their best.
  • Strengthen security – Store sensitive information on a secure cloud server and leverage a zero trust security approach to protect all devices, including unmanaged and Bring Your Own.
  • Increase business agility – Scale desktops up or down on demand across all employee types - including FTEs, contingent and seasonal workers, temp labour, freelancers, designers and even partners - to meet flexible work needs.
  • Simplify IT - Rapidly provision desktops in a zero-touch manner to speed onboarding.
  • Lower costs - Reduce maintenance and TCO for managed or unmanaged devices connecting to cloud-delivered apps, desktops, and management capabilities.

Helen Kruger, CEO of Troye - a Citrix software vendor - says forward-thinking organisations are already on board and reaping the benefits the solution provides. “DaaS is available in two flavours, Hybrid DaaS and DaaS for Hyperscalers.”

“Hybrid DaaS provides maximum flexibility to manage on-prem and cloud environments together and rapid provisioning, streamlined cloud management, and comprehensive tools to deliver hybrid work solutions. DaaS for Hyperscalers was designed for simplicity, it allows for rapid deployment of apps and desktops on public clouds,” she adds.

Companies have long relied on DaaS to deliver secure remote desktops. In expanding the options for deploying DaaS, companies can accelerate the transition to hybrid work and unlock the benefits it can deliver.

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