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#CreativeWanderings: Eminence at Loeries 2022

Magic comes in many forms, dear reader.

I have seen it for myself. There’s nothing quite like waking up early enough to enjoy the sunrise and a cup of chamomile - or even having a quiet evening after the turmoil of a difficult day.

Quite often we find that magic helps us dance with time instead of fight against it.

This year, Loeries’ theme is #CreateMagic. How do we manage that?

Magic in the way I have mentioned is something that already exists, comes to us in small moments, but how do we create it for ourselves?

The industry of invention

After attending the first awards ceremony last night, I can assure you, dear reader, that the magic is made in the work we do.

Walking into the venue, the first thing that embraced my view was the sight of creatives, only as we can know them, eccentric and ever-present - calling deftly for your attention without even trying.

Some were clad in the evening wear we could expect, and others walked confidently with nothing underneath their jackets and tracksuit pants. Who could care, as long as you’re comfortable?

Whether or not the styles of the various attending creatives spoke to you, one thing was pertinent - we are here because we are masters of invention.

This is what we came for

As I mentioned in my previous letters to you, I find that the Loeries is all about connection. But, dear reader, I want to be clear: we find the connection and resulting positive energy as we attend through the week, but the reason we are all here is to find out who is the best of the best.

And while we are walking and discovering, the energy remains zesty.

But while we are here, now, finding out who are the leaders in the industry, the energy turns to triumph.

Unfortunately, though, this will be my last letter to you. The Loeries is coming to an end, we will soon find out the big winners of 2022, and we will go home.

Don’t fret, however, because I can assure you that we have found the nugget of magic in all the work and awards we walked through and found this week. Something we can be proud of, that we created.

And that’s a lovely note to say farewell on.

Let's do Biz