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Biggles Removals launches new routes and teams to assist increasing semi-gration

With the new trend towards semi-gration, South Africans are moving out of city centres into smaller towns and areas. According to media reports, semi-gration is a significant trend in South Africa, with people moving from inland to the coastal parts of the country.
Biggles Removals launches new routes and teams to assist increasing semi-gration

Real estate players and moving companies report they have witnessed significant movements between Durban and Johannesburg routes. According to real estate experts, many of these semi-grations are currently due to the concept of online or remote working changing our lifestyles so drastically.

As per the statement issued by Biggles Removals, the moving company in South Africa has been taking advantage of these trends to launch new routes. They also increased their staff number to serve these moves as cost effectively as possible.

According to Biggles Removals spokesperson Carla-Mari Moore, Durban to Cape Town, Johannesburg to Cape Town, Durban to Johannesburg and Johannesburg to Durban are some of the routes that have witnessed the highest number of movements. The number of teams operating in all routes have been increased to meet the demands for relocation in South Africa.

"One of the main contributing factors in the increased relocations and semi-gration has been professionals who were commuting between locations for work. With the requirement to work from home during the pandemic, they were forced to work remotely. Even after the pandemic, people have opted to live in these areas as they offer serenity and tranquility, which improves quality of life," said Carla-Mari Moore.

This sentiment has been supported by a real estate expert from one of the leading realtors in Johannesburg. He reported that they have noted movements and have worked closely with moving companies to facilitate the surge in moving houses nationally, which has only been increasing since the onset of Covid-19.

Biggles Removals Cape Town

Biggles Furniture Removals Cape Town is based in the Southern Suburbs and provides affordable local moves and long distance moves in and out of Cape Town. Biggles also provide storage units in Cape Town for short- and long-term storage without the hassle of contracts. Quotes are fast and efficient. See below their most requested long-distance routes: Biggles Removals Johannesburg

With weekly long-distance removals in and out of Johannesburg, you will be afforded flexibility and affordability when booking with Biggles Furniture Removals in Pretoria/Johannesburg. Our local removals and storage units in Johannesburg provide for convenient home and office moving. See some of their most demanded long-distance routes: Biggles Removals Durban

Biggles Furniture Removals Durban provides home and office moving services for local and long distance moves in and out of Durban. Storage units in Durban are provided for short-or long-term periods at affordable prices. See some of their most requested long distance moving routes: "We are committed to offering a removal service that guarantees you peace of mind. You will get a personal moving coordinator and move manager to ensure budgets, timelines, and specialised needs are met," said Kyle Moore, co-owner and director of Biggles Removals. He also added that with new teams on board, customers are assured of stress-free and professionally coordinated moves.

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About Biggles Removals

Biggles Removals is a moving company that operates in South Africa and the United Kingdom. The moving company strives to deliver peace of mind to their customers through a simple, smooth, and quality moving experience by upholding strict standards of performance and procedures. The family-owned business is passionate about making value-driven choices that positively influence and change the world, by being one of the best storage facilties and removals companies and out there.

Biggles Removals launches new routes and teams to assist increasing semi-gration

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