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Free Covid-19 monitoring tool for businesses

In a move designed to assist South African companies more accurately track indicators of Covid-19 at the workplace, data monitoring and evaluation company The Social Collective has created a free platform where decision-makers can internally monitor key metrics daily.
Its Covid-19 Monitoring tool enables HR departments to input data about people sick at the office or at home, for example, whether they are coughing, have a fever, and so on. This puts the focus very much on the human cost of the virus and helps translate that into business metrics.

“This provides an effective reporting solution around health and safety given the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic in countries around the world. Not only will initiatives like this better help businesses maintain compliance in the wake of the strict government controls put in place, but the opportunity to receive a daily email reminder to keep in check with your team, which provides a supporting process needed to guide companies to identify any trends and patterns that need to be flagged,” says Duncan Luke, CEO of The Social Collective.

It will offer a place to report consistently in a practical way which is especially critical for employees at various companies to have processes in place to mitigate against the damage the pandemic will have on shareholder value. But fundamentally, it focuses on the human element of the crisis.

“Monitoring, in general, is something that many companies still struggle to manage effectively from a business perspective. The spread of the virus and the impact on society at large has been significant and we want to provide organisations with a simple way of managing the key numbers,” says Luke.

The tool will continually be updated with new features such as a health check scorecard to deliver a practical way of summarising all the data at hand to keep track of risk or exposure to Covid-19 over the next few weeks.

“Companies will be able to share this information with stakeholders. This online solution will track simple metrics for employee numbers. Decision-makers can no longer be ignorant of the effects this pandemic will have on the companies immediate society i.e. employees. Of course, business needs to carry on as optimally as possible. By flagging any indicators quickly, the tool will ensure companies can balance their business objectives while still caring for their employees,” concludes Luke.

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