ICT Trends 2020

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How efficient is your business' IT?

Due to the rise in cybercrime attacks, South Africa's information technology (IT) experts have warned businesses to ensure their electronic information is correctly stored and protected. Technology is playing an increasingly large role in the daily operation of businesses; unfortunately, that has also sparked an increase in various cybercrimes. Ensuring that your business employs the services of a skilled and qualified IT professional is vital, the sustainability and survival of your business and the holistic economy depend on it.
Recruiting and Contracting in IT

The level of technological infiltration into the economy makes the recruitment and contracting of IT professionals a very sensitive issue across industries. Businesses cannot afford to loosely source IT assistance as these professionals have to adhere to the South African IT standards and be completely skilled and qualified.

One of the four associations that make up the Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sector (CAPES) is the Information Technology Association (ITA). The primary objective of the ITA is to promote consistent standards of professionalism and quality services in the IT industry. As a counterpart, the Information Technology Association Recruitment Consultancy Services (ITARCS) has been set up specifically to address recruitment and contracting issues on behalf of the ITA within the IT industry with the Labour Relations Act and other employment legislation upheld.

IT is a vital department in every business, the safety and livelihood of the business rely on the efficient facilitation of the IT department. Ensuring recruitment and contracting in IT is done through an ITA registered agency ensures compliance and the necessary skill. The integration of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) into the South African economy makes efficient IT essential.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

To welcome the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), President Cyril Ramaphosa has appointed a 30-member commission of academics and business leaders which will advise the government on 4IR strategy and policies. This is evidently a nationally recognised revolution that is expected to play a significant role across various industries and the country’s economy. IT is at the centre of it all, this revolution includes various technological advancements including, digitisation, robotics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence impacting various industries.

Modern businesses are subject to cybercrime and security threats because the mere existence of a business is largely dependent on technology. A qualified IT professional who can be sourced through a compliant ITA agency is skilled to utilise advanced technology to protect financial data, confidential information and other proprietary information that may lead to competitive advantages. Protect your business the 4IR way.

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