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VUT rejects call to unfunded students to converge on main campus and VUT residences

The Vaal University of Technology (VUT) notes with concern calls issued by Ngoya Kazadi, a member of the Student Representative Council (SRC), that all unfunded students, those affected by the N+ Rule, and all affected international students, should converge on the main campus in Vanderbijlpark on Wednesday 16th February 2022.

This statement by Kazadi is irresponsible and inciteful. It seeks to undermine university and country policies, create chaos on VUT residences and incite violence that may lead to a stampede and/or loss of life. It raises unrealistic expectations in students and their families.

The VUT does not have the financial means to extend more credit to unfunded students beyond what has already been negotiated with the SRC. The institution has recently come out of another round of administration, which among other reasons, was caused by historical debt which has accumulated into several millions of rands over several years.

The University would like to caution unfunded students and parents against heeding Kazadi’s call because that will not yield positive results for both students and the institution. Any further irresponsible extension of credit will bring VUT to its knees. University operations will come to a halt and the quality of teaching and learning for paying students will be severely compromised.

Parents and students are invited to act responsibly and only come to campus if and when authorised to do so.

Vaal University of Technology
Established in 2004, as the Vaal University of Technology (VUT), VUT originated as a College of Advanced Technical Education (1966-1979) and was later known as Vaal Triangle Technikon (1979-2003).

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