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5 FAQs about matric exams in South Africa

As matric exams draw near, learners are eager to find answers about these assessments. To assist with this, the team at FundiConnect has compiled a list of answers to the top five frequently asked questions (FAQs) about matric exams.
5 FAQs about matric exams in South Africa

1. What are the matric exams in South Africa?

Matric exams, short for matriculation examinations, are the final high school examinations in South Africa, equivalent to Grade 12 exams in many other countries. These exams play a pivotal role as they are the gateway to obtaining a national senior certificate (NSC), unlocking opportunities for higher education and employment.

2. When do the matric exams start and end?

Matric exams typically begin in October - NSC Timetable.pdf?ver=2023-07-19-121957-547 October or November each year, with specific dates varying slightly from year to year. For those scheduled to take matric exams in 2023, the journey commences on Monday, 30 October 2023, with English Home Language, Second Language, and First Additional Language exams. The concluding dates depend on the subjects selected, and learners must consult the official examination timetable.

3. What is a bachelor's pass in matric?

Achieving a bachelor's pass in matric entails obtaining a national senior certificate (NSC) with a minimum of 40% in the home language and three other subjects. Additionally, learners must secure at least 30% in two additional subjects. It's essential to verify specific entry requirements for tertiary institutions.

5 FAQs about matric exams in South Africa

4. What happens if you miss a matric exam?

Missing a matric exam doesn't have to spell the end. Learners have the opportunity to try again through what’s known as a supplementary exam. The application process is straightforward:

  • Learners must obtain the supplementary exam application form from their high school or local district and provincial education offices. They can also request it via email from the Department of Education.
  • Alternatively, learners can register online through the South African e-Service portal.
  • Learners need to prepare the necessary documents and clearly specify the subjects they need to rewrite.
  • They will then need to submit the completed form to the Department of Basic Education.
  • Finally, learners will then await their admission letter in the mailbox, which will provide details about the supplementary exam dates and locations.

To pass the matric rewrite, learners will need to aim to score at least 50%. It's their opportunity to secure that matric passing grade.

5. Can you rewrite matric exams?

Learners who didn't pass your matric exams on their first attempt can most certainly rewrite their matric exams. Several institutions offer matric rewrite programmes to help you improve your grades, including:

  • Department of Education: Through the Second Chance Matric Programme (SCMP), learners under 21 can redo matric subjects. Successful completion leads to either a senior certificate (SC) or national senior certificate (NSC).
  • Elroi Academy: This institution offers distance education for matric rewrites, catering to different groups of learners.
  • Matric College: Designed for those aged 21 and older, Matric College offers distance learning courses, allowing learners to earn an accredited matric certificate.

Regardless of your circumstances, there is a pathway to success, whether it's retaking exams or exploring alternative educational opportunities.

Matric exams represent a pivotal moment in a student's academic journey. By addressing these FAQs and tapping into available support, South African matric students can approach their exams with confidence, resilience, and the determination to succeed.

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