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CoCT calls on residents to register for review of Spatial Development Framework

The City of Cape Town's Municipal Spatial Development Framework (MSDF) was approved in April 2018 and is now up for review. Registered stakeholders will have the opportunity to submit comments once the draft revised MSDF is available to the public.
Source: Gallo/Getty
Source: Gallo/Getty

The MSDF guides and informs long-term planning and development in Cape Town. Its objective is to pursue a spatial form that will ensure Cape Town becomes more equitable, sustainable, resilient, and efficient. It pursues inward growth, and discourages developments on the outskirts of the city, while also protecting conservation areas and agricultural assets.

Officials from the city’s Growth, Urban Planning and Design Department are currently working on revising the MSDF to reflect recently approved city strategies, policies, and processes. The review will also include the latest eight District Spatial Development Frameworks, once these have been approved, and the strategic imperatives of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for the new five-year term-of-office.

Enquiries related to the MSDF review process should be sent to az.vog.nwotepac@nwoTepaC.erutuF. Those interested in registering can do so at The closing date for registrations is 31 October 2021.

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