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These independent food businesses are still operating during #SALockdown

Studio H has compiled a list of independently-owned food businesses that are continuing to operate during the lockdown in South Africa.

Cape Town

Abalobi Fisheries
This small scale fishery is doing a #stayathome delivery around the CBD and southern suburbs. Download their app and follow them online for all the information you need.
Keep up to date: @abalobi_app

Atlas Trading Company

The store is open as well as delivery options, have a look online for all their products available.
Keep up to date: @atlastradingcompany

Ché Gourmet
Offers free delivery nationwide for their immune-boosting fermented food like kimchi, follow Che Gourmet online to follow their fermentation and kimchi workshops. Call or email Ché for more information on 072 125 1804 and 
Keep up to date: @chegourmet

Doorstep Dairyman 
Delivering dairy to your door, shop here to add to your cart and checkout.
Keep up to date: Doorstep Dairyman

Dalebrook Café
Kalk Bay locals, Dalebrook Cafe has you sorted with deliveries and an open store stocked with groceries. Monday to Sunday from 9am to 2pm. Have a look online for more information or contact Charmaine on 083 234 0178.
Keep up to date: @dalebrookcafe

Egg ‘n Shoulders
Is making their next delivery available on 1 and 2 April. Have a look at the menu and email  or DM on Instagram for your orders
Keep up to date: @eggnshoulders

Are continuing with orders and deliveries during the lockdown, support your local farms by getting in contact with foodflowza to get your harvest bag of fruit and veg.
Keep up to date: @foodflowza

Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants
The Gardens Centre branch, Woodstock branch, Palmyra branch is staying open during lockdown for you to go stock up as well as home deliveries, go online here to order.
Keep up to date: @frankiefennermeatmerchants

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WOODSTOCK OPEN. GARDENS OPEN. PALMYRA OPEN. HOME DELIVERIES ACTIVE. In the hardest situation we could ever have dreamt up, FFMM has been granted permission by the CIPC to trade across all of our stores, except Durbanville. It’s a big win for us. That said, we’ve had sleepless nights, wrestling with whether or not we actually should trade. Getting permission is one thing. Using it responsibly is something else. As a team, we have landed on the below points. This is our motivation. 1. We have almost completely eliminated public transport and have arranged third party transport options for our staff. We continue to explore way to eliminate it entirely. 2. Staff are issued with sanitiser packs, plastic smocks, masks and gloves for travel. 3. We’ve asked ourselves if the environment we have created at work is actually safer than the one they’re being asked to stay in. With poor conditions at home, is a sterile, audited and hygienic work space not a better place for them? 4. If we closed the doors today we could pay our staff for a while but they would have nothing to come back to. Keeping open provides hope towards eventual survival. 5. We have created two shifts for our operating team, essentially cutting them in half. 6. We feel that the headspace for our team translates back into their communities. By working every day in masks, gloves etc. they see how seriously we are all are taking it. Perhaps the team carries this message back to groups that don’t have access to the information they desperately need right now. It’s a decision that has not been taken lightly. There have been a lot of talks. There have been a lot of tears. Friends and colleagues within the industry are falling apart all around us. The industry is burning. Everyone is looking for answers right now and - honestly - we don’t have them. Nobody does. What we do have is a desire to do everything we can safely and with compassion. In a time where solidarity is so, so important, we would like to say to all of our peers: hang in there. No decision right now is the right one. Try and make a call and try and do it with conviction. Move forward. We are all figuring this out as we go.

A post shared by Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants (@frankiefennermeatmerchants) on

Fresch online

Is doing delivery during the lockdown, have a look online to see what Fresch has to offer.
Keep up to date: @freschonline

Giovanni’s Deli world
Is trading from 9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday for ready-made meals and groceries.
Keep up to date:@giovannisdeliworld

Granadilla Swim 
“Bringing immune-boosting goodness to your doorstep.” Fresh Aglio pasta, colourful veggie boxes, fresh Woodstock sourdough and Sunn kombucha are available for you to order online with a one to two-day delivery time. Have a look on Granadilla Swim to stock up on the fresh goods that you need.
Keep up to date: @granadilla.eats

Grafted Organics 
For all things organic, get your organic goodies by ordering online, deliveries to northern suburbs and West Coast areas on Wednesday, southern suburbs and city bowl on Thursdays, see more online.
Keep up to date: Grafted Organic

Nude Foods
Continue shopping at your plastic-free grocer for essential items, Nude Foods will be open during the week only from 9am to 4pm. By supporting this grocer you will also be supporting small local farmers and small food businesses.
Keep up to date:

Sans Community 

Doors are still open for you to support the local farmers that Sans community supports, make your way in-store or pre-order your order for quick pick up. Email  to make your orders for pick up or give them a call on 021 205 4555 for door-to-door delivery if you are in the Atlantic seaboard area.
Keep up to date: @sanscommunity

Sepial’s Kitchen
Is making delicious immune booster soups for you to order for delivery. Click here for their order form. Get your order in before the 2nd April for delivery on Friday, while stocks last.
Keep up to date: @sepialskitchen

Terra Madre
Have produce boxes from Elgin for you to order via for Monday deliveries only.
Keep up to date: @terramadre_elgin

The Blue Café 
Is staying open for the Tamboerskloof community, their neighbourhood grocery and fresh home made goods are available for pick up, pop them an email at  or call 021 426 0250.
Keep up to date: @bluecafe_

Theonista Kombucha via Faithful to Nature, Nude Foods and Blue Café
Is supplying to reachable suppliers that are staying open for you during this lockdown as well as their very own free delivery, make your order on Google forms.
Keep up to date: @theonista

The Olive Branch Deli
The Olive Branch Deli in the Lifestyle Center on Kloof is open to pick up your essential seasonal and artisan products. Contact the Olive Branch Deli.
Keep up to date:@olivebranchdeli

The Greenhouse Grocer
In-store from Tuesday to Friday from 12pm to 4pm and same-day delivery on Tuesday to Friday from 4.30pm onwards. The Greenhouse Grocer is based in Kenilworth, have a look online for what is available.
Keep up to date:

Is continuing delivery as per normal with precautionary measures in place, specifically in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Make sure to check your area before you order. Have a look at their meal kits and menu here.
Keep up to date: @ucooksa

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A NOTE FROM OUR CEO:⁠ ⁠ Dear customers,⁠ ⁠ I would like to take this time to say a few pertinent things.⁠ ⁠ Firstly I would like to offer our support to the hospitality industry over this period. We empathise with what you are going through and are in the process of developing a set of collaborative initiatives we hope will help, even if just a little bit.⁠ ⁠ We owe many of you our eternal gratitude for helping us build our brand and community over the last four years. If you have initiatives you think we can help support please get in touch!⁠ ⁠ Secondly, UCOOK finds itself in an incredibly privileged position to be able to continue our service during the lock-down. All South African businesses are facing a massive challenge right now. Because we’re able to operate, we’re doing everything we can to help support our suppliers, and all our friends in the restaurant and food industry.⁠ ⁠ Please keep an eye on our media channels this week. We will be publishing our new socially focused business direction, which will prioritise doing what we can to help people over commercial gain! This is a period during which all those who have the opportunity to give of themselves, in any capacity that can assist, should do so.⁠ ⁠ #WeCookThroughThis⁠ ⁠ Thank you for all your support⁠ ⁠ David Torr⁠ UCOOK CEO

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Wild Peacock Fine Food Merchants

Will be supplying food essentials contact the team on 021 801 3663 or email, two-day delivery lead time for all deliveries with the Western Cape.
Keep up to date: @wildpeacockproducts

Wild Organics
Shop at Wild Organics for a Standard Bag, Mini bag and Make your own bag. Their next delivery is scheduled for the 1st & 2nd April, so be sure to get your order in before then.
Keep up to date: @wild_organics

Wild Sprout Wholefoods Eatery
This organic grocer is open from Tuesday to Thursday 9am to 3pm. Supplying fresh fruit and veg, deli goods, homemade frozen meals, gluten / vegan / free range, sweet treats, nuts, seeds and fresh breads. Need any of the above, go to Wild sprout online to have a look and visit them in store.
Keep up to date: @wildsproutcpt


Crisp Meals SA
Is still delivering in JHB during the lockdown, look online or send a message to 064 739 9627 to order their freezer meals, juices and smoothies.
Keep up to date: @crispmealssa

Jackson’s Real Food Market
This health food store is open during lockdown via one cart, in-store or by WhatsApp. Browse online to see what is available.
Keep up to date: @jacksons_real_food_market

La Marina Foods 

Based in JHB, making fresh fish available and deli goods, have a look at the online deli page to make your order here.
Keep up to date: @lamarinafoods

Mbewu Fresh Produce
Has a variety of farm-fresh fruit and veg for you to choose from for delivery follow them online to make an order.
Keep up to date: MbewuProduce

The Refillery
Is open during lockdown from 9am-5pm from Monday to Friday to stock up on your essential pantry needs. Shop at for delivery.
Keep up to date: @therefillerysa

To submit independently-owned food businesses to the list email az.oc.h-oiduts@h.

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