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An(t)oniem at Alexander Upstairs

With technology infiltrating every aspect of our lives, it's unsurprising that people look to the internet to forge relationships and find love. And, inevitably, we start to create fantasies about "perfect people" - people who we may never actually meet, but have built entire lifetimes around.
An(t)oniem is an "anti-romantic" comedy with a Wes Anderson-esque-inspired aesthetic and a neurotic sense of humour that self-deprecates, much like an early Woody Allen film. The production incorporates themes of identity, belonging, sexuality, romance and nostalgia; exploring the depths of human desperation and longing as seen from behind the anonymity of a computer screen - and the hilariously dark depravity of our characters once they meet each other in the "real" world.

Physically and emotionally trapped in their bedrooms

An(t)oniem tells the story of two people (played by Jaco Nothnagel and Maryke Nel) who are physically and emotionally trapped in their bedrooms. A young woman, crippled by self-doubt and insecurities, who feels like she has an extraordinary gift for love but no one to lavish it on; a young man who feels pressurised by the expectations of his family, religion and Afrikaans culture. Both of them decide to try their luck at finding someone online - and it won't be long before they find each other.

Two lonely Capetonians on the cusp of adulthood, trying to figure out who they are and what they want out of life are about to meet and question the kind of love they've spent their lives looking for.

An(t)oniem (PG-16) is at Cape Town's Alexander Bar from 4 to 8 June. For bookings, go to
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