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[21 Icons Season 3] Phindile Sithole-Spong

"HIV wasn't a good brand, and I started to think how to change the branding so people could relate to it and see HIV in a new way." - Phindile Sithole-Sprong.
[21 Icons Season 3] Phindile Sithole-Spong

Phindile Georgia Sithole-Spong is an activist, speaker, writer, and founder of Rebranding HIV, an initiative that focuses on providing organisations and companies with tools for HIV and sexual health programmes. She works to create an HIV brand that is relatable and that takes into account the target audience's social, economic, religious and educational realities and help build an HIV/AIDS aware generation.

After discovering at 19 years old that she had been HIV-positive from birth, Sithole-Spong began delving deeper into why people discriminated against those who are HIV positive and found that the majority of individuals simply did not understand what HIV/AIDS.

Her response was to establish Rebranding HIV, an initiative that strives to change the common misconceptions around HIV. By creating tailor made campaigns and materials around HIV and sexual health, Rebranding HIV strives to be at the forefront of changing these misconceptions as well as eradicate the stigma and shame attached to HIV/AIDS.

As a well-known advocate who is known to utilise various social media platforms to discuss issues surrounding HIV and Sexual Health, Sithole-Spong has been recognised for her advocacy both nationally and internationally.

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About 21 Icons Season 3

The short film-series documents the conversations between Gary Van Wyk as the photographer and filmmaker and the icons. Each short film provides insight into both the subject and photographer's creative approach to the portrait.

Behind each portrait lies a carefully planned concept that captures not only the essence of each icon visually, but also in spirit and in terms of their unique legacy.

Season three of 21 ICONS South Africa is proudly sponsored by Mercedes-Benz South Africa.

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