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Future is APPening with Appletiser

Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows your smartphone or tablet to see computer-generated objects and characters that interact with the real-world environment in three dimensions. Appletiser has become one of the first beverage companies in South Africa to make use of interactive AR, as it makes three unique, interactive 3D animated characters come to life with the new limited edition 275ml collectable pack.
Future is APPening with Appletiser

The campaign is designed to be a way to create talkability, engagement and interaction with its products. With the collectable packs, consumers can watch three distinct fun characters come to life. They are Johnny Appleseed (a quirky male who has not had much luck in love), Apple Blossom (a beautiful female character looking for love) and QP1D (a non-average cupid. Instead of a bow and arrow, he uses a bazooka to make people fall in love and instead of wings, he has a hovercraft).

Consumers need to download the Appletiser App (from the IOS App Store, Google's Play Store or on their phone or tablet and use it to scan the bottom label of their purchased 275ml bottle.

Once the bottle has been scanned, one of the three characters will start entertaining consumers with a hilarious series of AR clips that vary depending on the three variations of the bottom labels, which are Love, Romance, and Dream.

The real magic happens when two bottles with two different bottom labels are scanned together, that will prompt Johnny, Apple and QP1D to interact with each other in various entertaining ways.

By putting different bottom label bottles together, it is possible to see nine different character interactions come to life. For example, a Love and Romance label combination will have a different interaction to a Romance and Dream combination and to a Love and Dream interaction etc.

In addition to AR, the iconic bottles have 28 specially designed labels that relate to romance. The labels were designed to be fun, quirky and to give the bottle a different look.

"The 275ml collectable pack is something special. We are excited at employing this relatively new technology in such an innovative way. We believe our fans will love the experience of interacting with our brand in a different and fun way thanks to both the AR-technology as well as the beautiful designs of the collectable bottles," says Serena Ramiah, Brand Manager for Appletiser.

The limited edition 275ml collectable pack will be in selected stores by March 2015 and will be available for the Appletiser and Grapetiser ranges.

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