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Designing brick-and-mortar retail to attract consumers in a digital world

Brick-and-mortar storeowners need to offer what internet cannot. This is where an engaging customer experience through creative retail design plays a crucial role. Storeowners need to keep abreast with changes and restructure their stores in ways to retain their customers as well as absorb new ones.
Here are 10 top retail design tips from the retail designers and shopfitters at Creative Shop to help drive sales:
  1. Include all five senses into the retail experience
  2. Introduce a welcoming scent – this will encourage customers to come back
  3. Place most popular items at the back of store to encourage a walk through
  4. Change your store design every 3-5 years
  5. Shoppers are attracted to round and U-shaped displays as they are welcoming
  6. Place interesting and attractive displays at the end of each and every aisle
  7. Make your customers feel comfortable - add benches in areas with queues
  8. To appeal to the younger generation of influencers, place what they would find interesting at their eye level
  9. Design your store so that the aisles, shelves and fixtures can be easily changed at low cost to alleviate shopper boredom
  10. The shopfront design is crucial. It needs careful thought and planning and frequent changing
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