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    How e-mail marketing increases sales

    Email marketing is one of the most essential marketing tools that most online-based businesses employ to maximise their sales.
    How e-mail marketing increases sales
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    The email open-rate of an average industry is approximately 38%, which helps to drive customer visit repeats for up to 44%. Most businesses overlook the benefits of using this mode of marketing because they mainly focus on social media platforms, and a good focus should also be directed toward SEO tool, and link building.

    Since most people do not know how this type of marketing works, let us have a look at how email marketing can be used to increase the sales of a company.

    Five ways of using electronic mail marketing to increase sales

    There are so many ways you can use emails to engage more customers as well as influence the growth of a business. These include:

    1. Use of transaction online mails
    These are usually the emails that a person receives right after purchasing an item online. They typically are confirmations for the orders, notice of order shipment or a thank you for shopping.

    Since such emails are of interest to the customer, they have a very high open rate.

    These emails can thus be used to entice buyers to buy another item in the following ways:

    • Attach products that are mostly purchased along with the items the buyer has just purchased.
    • List the products that are similar to what the buyer has just bought. 
    • Create a discount or special offer in case the buyer wants to buy another item in the future.

    2. Welcome emails
    Several top brands in the country usually sent welcome or introduction electronic mails as soon as a person registers to be on their email list. These emails usually thank the individual for signing up and in some cases, offer a discount on their next purchase. Since the discounts are normally in the subject line, their open rate is high. Thus a company can use them to attract new customers and you should do your best to create a solid strategy that reduces email unsubscribers.

    3. Cart-abandonment
    Emails There are instances that a person spots an item online and adds it to his cart but later abandons it for reasons such as distraction, lack of enough money or high shipping costs. These customers can be brought back by sending a cart-abandonment mail to remind them that they still have products on their carts thus increasing the chances of sales for the company.

    4. Re-order emails
    Most customers feel happy when a company pays attention to his/her needs. Therefore, emailing these customers to ask whether they need something related to their last order, maybe a re-fill or re-stock tends to spice up customers to re-order.

    5. Limited promotion emails
    Almost everyone loves sales and can quickly purchase an item especially if it is a limited promotion sale. Such emails can be effective when an end date or deadline is attached to them so that people who hate losing out on something can be prompted to buy. These emails also have a high open rate.

    Call-to-action as an Electronic mail marketing tool
    You may have come across this term when browsing the internet but had no idea what it means. A call-to-action mail is intended to propel readers to action. Creating a call-to-action email is very simple. All you need to do is:

    • Define your goal- provide consumers with what you want them to buy.
    • Writing the copy-create a killer proposition that will compel people to click on the mail.
    • Designing the call-to-action mail - do not include too many call-to-actions in your email while creating it. 

    Sales funnels and how to use them for your product launch online mail

    When selling online products, it is imperative to determine the problem you intend to solve before creating a sales funnel. Marketing funnels are an excellent way to initialise product launch emails that educate potential customers on your topic.

    This is because most buyers need to understand how the product you are offering will fit into their lives before they purchase it. The more the customers feel like you understand their needs, the more they will be compelled to make a purchase.

    When you set up your sales funnel, be sure to include a mixture of soft and hard sales pitches and educational content. After creating an outline of the product for the product launch mails, you are required to develop an email sequence and segment the list accordingly for sales optimisation purposes.

    It is evident that online mail marketing is an essential marketing tool that every company should employ. Whether you’re a consultant agency, a plumbing company, a travel agency or a debt collection company, the truth is you need to start contemplating and applying an email marketing strategy for the best outcome. This is because it is difficult to reach to all customers physically but since most of them spend a lot of time on the internet, sending them product launch mails is the best way to prompt them to buy your products

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